The Beacon

Volume 29 Number 9
October 1999

The Official Newsletter of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron


Commander Cdr Ken Reeves 655-3602  
Past Commander P/Cdr Helen Louwerse 544-4358
Executive Officer Lt/Cdr Greg Nutt 656-4212 nutz@
Training Officer Lt/Cdr David Stansfield 655-4619  
Assistant Training Officer 1st Lt Jim Dawson 658-8204
Boat Pro Officer 1st Lt Barbara Bond 384-4268
Training Aids Officer 1st Lt David Teece 658-0299
Treasurer 1st Lt Ray Scott 656-4828
Secretary 1st Lt Paulette Nutt 656-4212
Membership Officer 1st Lt Carol Sidwell 656-4590
Supply Officer 1st Lt Chris Sterling 656-7927  
Editor, Beacon 1st Lt Diana McBratney 656-4590
Publisher, Beacon 1st Lt Agnes Simpson 652-1291
Communications Officer 1st Lt Tamara Nutt 889-1506
Marep Officer 1st Lt Bob Richardson 544-1577
Computer Officer 1st Lt Colin Gallins 656-4904
P.R. & Entertainment Officer 1st Lt Cliff Kachaluba 652-2359
Social Cruise Captain 1st Lt Barry Levi 477-3702
Student Cruise Captain 1st Lt Martin Pepper pgr388-1727
Port Captain 1st Lt Hank Louwerse 544-4358
Environment Officer 1st Lt Leslie Head 655-4656
Archivist P/Cdr Giles Perodeau 656-4525  
Auditor ***** Brenna Litwack 656-0084
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Meetings of the Bridge will be held on the third Thursday of each month at 1930 in the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. All members are welcome to attend. Please contact the Editor, Diana McBratney, at 656-4590 or if you have any comments on the material contained in this publication. Information, advertisement requests and articles for publication in The Beacon should be in the hands of the Editor as early as possible. The material in this publication will also be published on the Squadron website at

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The start of another Boating Course on 7 September heralds the beginning of a busy Fall season. Some twenty-two students are benefiting from the instructional skills and practical knowledge of Doug Mitchell. I believe that the combination of keen students led by Doug, will result in a very successful conclusion on 30 November with the final exam.

On the social calendar, Barry Levi, our Cruise Captain, has organized a highly entertaining and varied program, including a "day" for the kids (both small and big) at the Sidney Spit in June.

Still on the social scene, our annual Christmas party and dance is scheduled for 10 December (the last one of this century!), at the Glen Meadows Golf Club. It's a great party and a fun kick-off to the Christmas and New Year's festivities. More news later.

Next, with the current good weather, this is a good time to conduct a periodic safety check of your boat and it's equipment. Better to do it now than in the winter, when the onset of winter sloth may discourage you from doing it at all! Remember, safe boating is the keystone of CPS, and equipment maintenance is an important part of a safe boating season.

Finally, Squadron Bridge nights are on the third Thursday of each month (except December and July). Members are cordially invited to sit in on these meetings to see your Bridge at work.

Ken Reeves, Commander

The mysterious human bond with the great seas that poets write about has a physiological base in our veins and in every living thing, where runs fluid of the same saline proportions as ocean water.

Anne W. Simon

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Coming Events

Oct. 14-16 National AGM

Oct. 16 A return visit to Maple Bay for a night in the Pub. For information and reservations contact our Social Cruise Captain, Barry Levi at 477-3702.

Oct. 21 Bridge meeting at Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, 1930. All members are welcome to attend. Informal discussion in Club afterward.

Nov. 2 Student cruise instructions -- introductions and orientation. 1700 in Parklands School Auditorium. All skippers, proctors and other helpers are encouraged to attend in preparation for the Sunday cruise.

Anyone who is willing to be a host skipper to 2 or 3 students and a proctor is asked to phone Martin Pepper at 381-1727 to volunteer. This is a highlight of the program for our students and we look forward to this opportunity to team up veteran squadron members with new students for a day of navigation skills and other demonstrations, including, this year, assistance from our local Coast Guard Auxiliary. ALSO -- ANY Squadron member who would like to attend -- as spectator or to take a refresher or for whatever reason -- you are welcome to come along. Call Martin to arrange "a ride."

Nov. 7 Sunday Student Cruise to Otter Bay.

Nov. 18 Bridge meeting at Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, 1930. All members are welcome to attend. Last meeting of the year. Next meeting will be January 20, 2000. Informal discussion in the Club afterward.

Nov. 30 Boating course final exam.

And, coming up fast . . . .

Dec. 7 & 9 Restricted Radio Operator Certificate course and exam.

Dec. 10 Squadron Annual Christmas Dinner at Glen Meadows Country Club. 1900 for 2000. Tony Lima music for dancing and dining.

Dec. 31 What better way to see in the Year 2000 than by taking part in our Annual New Year's Cruise to Otter Bay, North Pender Island. Contact

Barry Levi for more information about reservations, etc.

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Before we take part in a student cruise this question comes to mind: If something untoward happens, will my insurance cover it?

If CPS Members have their boat insured under the CPS Members' Boat Insurance Program with Dalton & Associates Inc., they may use their vessel for on-the-water training exercises, related or unrelated to the Boating Course. The Skipper may take payment from the participants, to cover out-of-pocket expenses (fuel, water, etc.). If the members' boats are not insured through the CPS program, they should check with their own insurance provider. Many policies with other insurers are void, if the vessel is used for anything other than private pleasure.

If CPS members take guests on board, the CPS Members' Boat Insurance Program will pay for their liability for bodily injury, or property damage to those parties for whom they are legally liable. In other words, if the negligence of the member results in injury to guests, for which the member is responsible, the CPS Members' Policy will respond. Again, if they are insured elsewhere, they should check with their broker.

Edited excerpt from article by R/C Louise White, N, Chm. National PR/Com


Weather and Marine Maintenance originally slated for the fall term have now been re-scheduled for the spring term. Contact David Stansfield at 655-4619 for more information.

Also, if you are interested in taking any course, let the Training Department know. Call Jim Dawson at 658-8204and let him know what you need and/or want.


Another little trick...never wash your Zodiac with a silicone base cleaner like Armor-All or any other of that type. You will never be able to have any thing stick on it; even a rubber patch for an eventual repair. Nothing will hold. Use regular soap to wash it.

Hint from Rejean Lalonde (CPS)

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Boat Maintenance

Keeping Things Clean

As published in Protecting the Aquatic Environment

by the Canadian Coast Guard, DFO Canada

Cleaning any boat - even a small one - can dirty a lot of water. Many cleaning products contain phosphates and other chemicals that are toxic to aquatic ecosystems. When you use these products, you get your boat clean, but you leave the grunge and pollutants behind in the marine environment. All soaps persist throughout the water column and are extremely harmful to aquatic life forms. The easiest way to keep phosphates and other toxic cleansers out of the water is to leave them at home.

Adding detergents to washing water produces grey water. Phosphates cause excessive algae growth in fresh water. When algae decompose, they rob water of oxygen and cause damage to fish and wildlife. Avoid discharging grey water into the environment.

Do less washing.

Don't discharge wash water.

Never let dishes dry dirty. Soak them. If they are greasy, wipe them with a cloth first. Wash with a minimum of soapy water.

Use a few drops of a mild detergent.

Do your dishes on shore.

Skip the shower and have a "bird bath".

Do your cleaning at home or at your marina. Anything that is not appropriate to do there is not appropriate elsewhere either.

Wax your boat. A good coat of wax prevents surface dirt from becoming engrained. This will reduce the need for detergents when you wash your boat. Pollen, dust, spores, or salt occur naturally and will do no harm when they are washed into the water.

Avoid using harsh cleaners, soaps or detergents. They destroy protective wax coatings, damage the environment, and reduce water quality.

In Canada, manufacturers do not have to substantiate such claims as "non polluting" and "fully biodegradable." Remember that all detergents - even those that call themselves "environment friendly" -- or "green" -- contain polluting phosphates and nitrates. The "Environmental Choice" logo indicates a degree of acceptability.

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Meet the Bridge

Meet Greg Nutt. Now our Executive Officer, Greg was Training Officer last year. Greg has been with the Sqn since 1996 and last year taught the Marine Maintenance Course -- to great reviews from his students. Currently having moved ashore, Greg has his 40 ft. sailboat, Ethelda, up for sale -- only, of course, to a good home. Formerly owner/mechanic of MarineTech, Greg had to limit his activities somewhat because of health problems, and is now Service Manager at Sherwood Marine in Central Saanich.

Meet Ray Scott. Formerly Training Officer in 1997, Ray took a year out and has now taken on the task of Treasurer this year. Involved in CPS since 1988, Ray sails his 27 ft. Pilgrim out of SNSYC. Ray's other interests include ham radio operation and flying. This year, the 60th anniversary of the Pat Bay airport, Ray will be flying a DeHavilland Tiger Moth to the airport in a re-creation of the landing of the first plane on 22 October, 1939. The original plane flown in by Flight Lieutenant G. Walter DuTemple, a relative of one of our Squadron's former commanders, Barry DuTemple.

Membership News

A warm welcome is extended to new members to our Squadron: C. Park, David Petrowski, Adam Wanczura and Edith Dittman. . . . . And thanks to all those Squadron members who contacted me about their email addresses -- keep those changes coming. Please remember also to let me know if you get or sell a boat, change the name, size or mooring location of your boat, or change your address or phone number. It helps to learn of this during the year, rather than getting all the changes at Roster printing time.


Please note that the Sidney Boathouse DOES NOT give discounts.

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Cruise to Otter Bay -

Golf Tournament Aug. 20-21

The weather was a little windy on Friday evening, but the rest of the weekend was beautiful. A couple of our boats cancelled out at the last minute, but we still had a super turnout. Eleven boats from Saanich Peninsula Sqn, plus four boats from Maple Bay who "joined" in.

For golf we had three foursomes, and two threesomes, eighteen people total. Chuck and Kay from Otter Bay Marina made sure we and our clubs were transported to and from the golf course, and it was a marvellous afternoon.

he golf tournament was won by the threesome of John and Ruth Schippers (Saanich Peninsula) and Peter Guillon (Maple Bay). The ladies' long drive was won by Sita Pillay (Saanich Peninsula), and the men's by Don Grant (Maple Bay). Ab and Wendy Yates unfortunately couldn't make it for the weekend, but they have our special thanks, as they supplied the prizes for the events.

Another large group was using the gazebo facilities, so we had happy hour followed by a great pot luck dinner on the flag deck. Everything was super, with the only problem being the abundance of wasps. Fortunately they didn't get to sting anyone.

Everyone really supported the 50/50 draw, and it was won by Peter Guillon from Maple Bay! Our scrambled word contests are getting too easy. Six boats scored 100%, so we decided a winner by draw. The lucky winner was "TOAD" from Maple Bay.

Another great weekend. Special thanks to all participants including:

SHOWTIME Barry & Jackie Levi TANQUERY Bob & Ruth Jones

LORELEI Eric & Pat Fisher LEGASEA Ken & Joan Clarke

ET TU Bill & Joyce Morrow DORIAN I Bob Parkinson & Mo Robertson

ODESSA Pally & Sita Pillay HILARITY John & Ruth Schippers

PANACHE Ray & Joyce Berry LADY M John & Madeleine Bentley

SEA CROFT David & Pat Stevens

POCOMANIA Maple Bay TOAD Maple Bay

JAMALAH Maple Bay WILKOM Maple Bay

Barry Levi, Social Cruise Captain

If we really want to live, we'd better start at once to try.

W.H. Auden