The Beacon

Volume 30 Number 3
April 2000

The Official Newsletter of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron


Commander Cdr Ken Reeves 655-3602  
Past Commander P/Cdr Helen Louwerse 544-4358
Executive Officer Lt/Cdr Greg Nutt 656-4212 nutz@
Training Officer Lt/Cdr David Stansfield 655-4619  
Assistant Training Officer 1st Lt Jim Dawson 658-8204
Youth Officer 1st Lt Barbara Bond 384-4268
Training Aids Officer 1st Lt David Teece 658-0299
Treasurer 1st Lt Ray Scott 656-4828
Secretary 1st Lt Paulette Nutt 656-4212
Membership Officer 1st Lt Carol Sidwell 656-4590
Supply Officer 1st Lt Chris Sterling 656-7927  
Editor, Beacon 1st Lt Diana McBratney 656-4590
Publisher, Beacon 1st Lt Agnes Simpson 652-1291
Communications Officer 1st Lt Tamara Nutt 889-1506
Marep Weather 1st Lt Bob Richardson 544-1577
Marep Hydrographic P/Cdr Stephen Denroche 656-6177
Computer Officer 1st Lt Colin Gallins 656-4904
P.R. & Entertainment Officer 1st Lt Cliff Kachaluba 652-2359
Social Cruise Captain 1st Lt Barry Levi 477-3702
Student Cruise Captain 1st Lt Martin Pepper pgr388-1727
Port Captain 1st Lt Hank Louwerse 544-4358
Environment Officer 1st Lt Leslie Head 655-4656
Archivist P/Cdr Giles Perodeau 656-4525
Auditor ***** Brenna Litwack 656-0084
********************** ****** ************** ********** ********************

Meetings of the Bridge will be held on the third Thursday of each month at 1930 in the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, except July and December. All members are welcome to attend. Please contact the Editor, Diana McBratney, at 656-4590 or dianam@uvic.caif you have any comments on the material contained in this publication. Information, advertisement requests and articles for publication in The Beacon should be in the hands of the Editor by the 15th of each month. The material in this publication will also be published on the Squadron website at

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Editor's Comments

Last night I attended our monthly Bridge meeting. I'm assuming you all know what a "Bridge" meeting is? Well, in case you don't, the Bridge is the name we give to the group of individuals who do the major work of keeping the Squadron running, along with others who volunteer as instructors, proctors, committee members, etc. Those on the Bridge are the Squadron Officers. Taken as a whole, they do a lot of work. The work is directed two ways: outside the Squadron to provide basic boating training to the general public; and inside the Squadron to provide further boating training and activities related to boating to our members -- YOU.

For instance, the Training Officer and his Assistant Training Officer, along with the Training Aids Officer, have to make sure that a basic boating course is set up to run beginning in September, and another one in January. They need to make sure there are instructors and proctors; to make sure they have a place in which to teach the courses; to make sure the paper work to higher headquarters is completed; to make sure the Graduation ceremonies are set up; and a number of other tasks. The Public Relations and Entertainment Officer helps them by looking after the advertising for the courses. This Officer also makes sure we have speakers at Graduations; organizes the volunteers for the Boat Show (along with helpers); and organizes the annual Christmas dinner.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, the Squadron works because we have volunteers. But we can't use the same volunteers for ever -- we do grow old, you know! Not only that, we tire. Right now the Past Commander, Helen Louwerse, is trying to get volunteers to fill some of the Bridge positions for whom we have no volunteer at the moment.

Please think about it. If one of the following positions is something you think you could handle -- and remember -- there is always someone around who has done it before and can help you -- phone Helen and volunteer. And if you don't see a job that appeals to you but you think you could do SOMETHING -- like helping any one of the Bridge officers, call Helen and tell her. 544-4358.

Here's what we need:


Beacon Editor

MAREP Weather Officer

PR & Entertainment Officer

Environment Officer



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Coming Events Calendar


April Dues for the next year are now payable. Wait for your invoice and then send your dues to HQ in Ontario.

Apr. 11 Spring Boating Course final examination NB CORRECTED DATE

Apr. 18 & 25 Restricted Radio Operator certificate course, Parklands School

Apr. 20 Bridge meeting at Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, 1930. All members are welcome to attend.

Apr. 21-23 First Cruise of the season: Annual Easter Cruise. Plans are to spend the first two nights at Telegraph Harbour, and then stop off at Maple Bay on the way home. Plan now to attend.

If you do not receive notification of cruises, call Barry or Jackie Levi at 656-3420.

Early May

May 1 Squadron AGM at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. 1900 hrs. This is our annual Change of Watch and the new Bridge will be sworn in. Plan now to attend this most important Squadron meeting of the year.

May 4-7 Sidney Boat Show. Cliff Kachaluba will be looking for volunteers to work on the Gate as we have done for the past two years. Think about it -- two hours helping on the gate -- and when your "phoner" calls, volunteer to help. But -- make sure it doesn't interfere with the times you will be attending the DAGM!

May 5-6 District AGM hosted by Oak Bay Sqn. Oak Bay is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary this year and planning great celebrations for the District AGM which will be held in the Victoria area. (Flyer in March Beacon) Deadline for registrations is 7 April.

May 6 FYI: Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club Opening Sailpast.

May 8 Boating class Graduation at SNSYC.

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Meet the Bridge

Meet Stephen Denroche. Stephen has rejoined the Bridge as our MAREP Hydrographic Officer this year. Having been involved in CPS since 1970, Stephen has served in many capacities, including Squadron Commander, and had hoped for a year off after a year as our Communications Officer last year. However, when no one else was willing to step in and fill the MAREP position, Stephen allowed his arm to be twisted yet again. Sometimes he has time to cruise with his wife Marjorie in their 28 ft Uniflite, Gavia.

Meet Martin Pepper. Martin has been with the Sqn since 1995, a Bridge Member since 1998 serving as Public Relations Officer for one year, and the Student Cruise Captain for the past two years. Martin is presently on a leave of absence from his employment, while he builds an Eco Tourism Business with his 56 ft. sailboat, a fine madness. Business has been so good that the family has had to move ashore, for a while anyway. Wife Heather, while not yet a member of the Sqn, has been a great volunteer on the Beacon team, assisting in the preparation and distribution of our newsletter. Heather is presently enjoying the Boating Course and is looking forward to serving on the Bridge upon completion.

Member News

Well -- there is big news this month! On the 14th of February CPS Headquarters sent out a memo to all Squadrons telling us: "Membership renewals will NOT be by birth month."

So -- you remember all that stuff we told you last month about how different renewal would be this year? Just forget it. Everything is back to "the way it was."

Just wait for your renewal invoice from HQ and then send in your cheque, or credit card number, or whatever they ask for, TO THEM. Questions (other than: why?), call me or email:

Diana McBratney, 656-4590 or

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    Training Page

    STUDENT CRUISE by Martin Pepper

    The student Cruise was held on March 5th and enjoyed by all. We were blessed with perfect weather, considering the date, enthusiastic Students, knowledgeable Proctors, and generous Skippers. Demonstrations were given in Under water examinations, firefighting, Docking / Undocking, Anchoring, Flares, and a guest appearance by members of the Saanich Marine Rescue Society and their new RHIB, the "Sidney Titan".

    On a lighter note a presentation was made to the North Pender Fire Dept. in appreciation of their efforts. This was supposed to be a cheque from the Squadron for One Hundred Dollars, but was in fact our receipt for moorage. I sure hope these

    boys didn't run up too big a bar bill before they realized the error. Needless to say the cheque is in the mail. Also a special thanks to District Commander Clarke for his attempt at "stump the speaker", its always nice to know there is some knowledgeable person in the crowd willing to call attention to facts, during a demo. Thanks to the following:


    Hugh Chambelain *** Cliff Cunningham (Fire Demo)

    Bill Miller (Anchoring Demo)*** Gay Miller

    Barry Levi *** Les Orr

    Bruce Campbell *** David Stansfield (Diving Demo)

    Agnes Simpson *** Doug Mitchell

    Greg Nutt *** Paulette Nutt

    Ken Clarke (Docking And Un) *** John Hudson

    Joyce Berry *** Ray Berry

    Morris Thompson *** Doug Goodwin

    Dick Cotton *** Ken Reeves

    Ray Scott *** Arthur Scott

    Jim Forsyth *** George McLure


    Anyone wishing to attend the Fall Cruise as a Skipper, Proctor, or observer is asked to call me, Martin Pepper, at 656-8101, Pager 388-1727, or e-mail

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    Notice of

    Annual General Meeting

    TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting of Saanich Peninsula Power and Sail Squadron will be held at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, 10775 McDonald Park Road, Sidney, BC on 1 May 2000 at 1930.


    Receiving and, if thought fit, approving the reports of the Officers of the Squadron;

    Receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Financial Statements of the Squadron for the twelve month period ending March 31, 2000, and the report of the Squadron Auditor thereon;

    Electing the Officers of the Squadron;

    Appointing the Squadron Auditor;

    Considering such further business as may properly come before the Meeting.

    The Report of the Squadron Nominating Committee follows and forms part of this Notice. Under Squadron Regulation 12.1, any further nominations must be made by way of a petition in writing signed by not less than 5 members of this Squadron who shall confirm the consent of the nominee to stand for election. The petition must be filed with the Squadron Secretary not less than 2 days prior to the date of this Meeting.

    Copies of the Treasurer's Report, together with financial statements of the Squadron's fiscal year ending March 31, 2000, will be available at the Meeting. Copies of the Minutes of 1999 Annual General Meeting will also be available.

    2000 Report of the

    Squadron Nominating Committee

    The Squadron Nominating Committee nominates the following Members for election as Squadron Officers for 2000/2001:

    Commander (Cdr) Cdr Ken Reeves

    Executive Officer (Lt/C) Lt/C Greg Nutt

    Training Officer (Lt/C) Lt/C Greg Nutt

    Treasurer (1st Lt) TBA

    Secretary (1st Lt) 1st Lt Paulette Nutt

    Membership Officer (1st Lt) 1st Lt Diana McBratney

    Asst. Training Officer (1st Lt) John Hudson

    Training Aids Officer (1st Lt) 1st Lt David Teece

    Boat Pro Officer (1st Lt) 1st Lt Barbara Bond

    PR & Entertainment Officer (1st Lt) TBA

    Supply Officer (1st Lt) 1st Lt Chris Sterling

    Editor, Beacon (1st Lt) TBA

    Publisher, Beacon (1st Lt) 1st Lt Agnes Simpson

    Social Cruise Captain (1st Lt) 1st Lt Barry Levi

    Student Cruise Captain (1st Lt) 1st Lt Martin Pepper

    Archivist (1st Lt) TBA

    Communications Officer (1st Lt) TBA

    Webmaster (1st Lt) 1st Lt Colin Gallins

    Environment Officer (1st Lt) TBA

    MAREP Officer - Hydrographic (1st Lt) P/Cdr Stephen Denroche

    MAREP Officer - Weather (1st Lt) TBA

    Port Captain (1st Lt) 1st Lt Hank Louwerse

    The Squadron Nominating Committee also nominates the following Member for appointment as Auditor of the Squadron:

    Brenna Litwack, 370 Wain Rd, Sidney, BC V8L 5P9

    The Squadron Nominating Committee advises that the following Member will serve on the Squadron Executive Committee for the next year by virtue of her position as immediate Past Commander, and does not require election or appointment:

    Past Commander (P/Cdr) Cdr Helen Louwerse

    Pursuant to Squadron Regulations the following Members will serve on the Squadron Nominating Committee for 2000/2001 by virtue of their positions, and do not require election or appointment:

    Past Commander Helen Louwerse

    Commander Ken Reeves

    Training Officer Greg Nutt

    Respectfully submitted,

    P/Cdr Helen Louwerse

    Cdr Ken Reeves

    Lt/Cdr David Stansfield

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    Vessel Maintenance Guide

    Each year the Canadian Coast Guard responds to a significant number of calls, over 50% of which involve mechanical breakdowns. Mechanical breakdowns cause inconvenience for boaters and can deteriorate into real emergencies, if not responded to in a timely fashion. Non-distress calls also occupy the Coast Guard's time and valuable resources which may be necessary in the case of genuine marine emergencies.


    A well tuned vessel requires a regular maintenance program. Here are some suggested service procedures for engines operating less than 25 hours per week. Extensive use will require more servicing.

    Note: this is only a guideline. Certain service procedures may be necessary for different engines. Refer to your engine manual for complete details.

    Pre-Season Recommendations:

    Ensure battery is fully-charged/holding charge.

    Top up fluid levels.

    Replace lower unit oil (if not performed during post-season service.)

    Inspect, clean, and replace spark plugs, if necessary.

    Check and change filters (fuel filter, water separation filter), if necessary.

    Check all systems: electrical, fuel, propulsion, and cooling.

    Check that throttle connections are secure.

    Check all hoses/lines for leaks or cracks and replace, if necessary.

    Inspect and clean flame arrestor with soap and water (gasoline inboard engines only).

    Taken from the Canadian Coast Guard's new Vessel Maintenance Guide

    Page 9


    Did you know that most mechanical break down calls were the result of inadequate fuel supply? Avoid this inconvenience and embarrassment by checking fuel supply before departing and knowing how to calculate your vessel's fuel consumption.

    Don't Forget…. prepare sail plans before departing. In case of emergency it is always a good idea to let a responsible person know your itinerary and expected returning time. Also leave specific instructions as to what action to take if you don't return

    Safety Equipment

    Squadron members who are boat owners/operators are urged to obtain and consult closely the 1999 edition of the SAFE BOATING GUIDE which is available through local marine chandlers and suppliers. This publication includes the latest minimum mandatory safety equipment requirements for pleasure craft, according to vessel length. (The Coast Guard will not be changing the requirements for the year 2000, they assure us!)

    Once you have ensured your vessel has been upgraded to meet these minimum safety equipment requirements, it would be a good idea to contact a qualified member of your local Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit to come down and do a voluntary "Courtesy Check" of your vessel to confirm it meets the required standards. These Courtesy Checks are free and performed annually and are valid only for the calendar year in which they are done and for which an annual decal is issued for display in a prominent location.

    Squadron member and boating course instructor, Doug Mitchell is qualified to inspect and certify pleasure craft under 65 feet in length. Make sure you have a copy of the 1999 SAFE BOATING GUIDE, that you are conversant with the requirements specified for your particular size of vessel, and that the required equipment, including current pyrotechnics, is on board, then call Doug at 656-2959, or email He now has the Year 2000 decals.

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    TO: The Members, Vancouver Island South District


    In accordance with Article 11 of the District Regulations you are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, Vancouver Island South District, will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2000 at 1300 at the Chief and Petty Officers Mess, 1575 Lyall Road,in the Municipality of Esquimalt, BC, for the purpose of:

    Receiving and, if thought fit, approving the minutes of the previous AGM held May 8, 1999

    Receiving and, if thought fit, approving the reports of Officers

    Receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Financial Statements of the District for the twelve month period ending March 31, 2000

    Receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Auditor's Report

    Receiving the reports of Squadron Commanders

    Electing the Officers of the District

    Appointing the Auditor for the District

    Considering such further and other business as may properly come before the Meeting

    The Report of the District Nominating Committee will follow, and forms part of this Notice.

    Article 12 -- Eligibility: No member of this District shall be eligible for election as provided in Section 11.6.1 of the District Regulations at any Annual District Conference unless nominated by the District Nominating Committee or by a petition in writing signed by not less than five members of this District who shall confirm the consent of their nominee to such nomination. All such nominations by petition shall be filed with the District Secretary not less than two days prior to the date of the meeting at which such election shall take place.

    Dated this 9th day of February, 2000

    (Signed) D/Lt Shirley Hamilton, N

    District Secretary

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    Report of the

    District Nominating Committee

    February 9, 2000

    The District Nominating Committee nominates the following Members for election as District Officers for 2000/2001:

    District Commander (D/C) Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula)

    District Executive Officer (D/Lt/C) Peter Jennings (Victoria)

    District Training Officer (D/Lt/C) Margaret Jensen (Sooke)

    District Administrative Officer (D/Lt/C) Don Lassey (Sooke)

    District Secretary (D/Lt) Shirley Hamilton (Victoria)

    District Treasurer (D/Lt) Ed McNulty (Victoria)

    The District Nominating Committee also nominates the following Members for

    election as District Officers, with the rank of District Lieutenant, who, if elected, will have the duties indicated next to their names assigned to them by the District Executive Committee pursuant to District Regulation 6.2.1 (a):

    Assistant District Training Officer Margaret Griffin (Saanich Peninsula)

    Assistant District Training Officer Myra Simpson (Victoria)

    District Youth Education Officer Len Fallan (Brentwood Bay)

    District Supply Officer John Munton (Juan de Fuca)

    District MAREP (Weather) Officer Bev Gerry (Pender Island)

    District MAREP (Hydrograpgic) Officer Peter Browning (Juan de Fuca)

    District Public Relations Officer Lyle Sauter (Oak Bay)

    District Membership Officer Lyle Sauter (Oak Bay)

    District Roster Editor Linda Larsson (Brentwood Bay)

    District Communications Officer Linda Larsson (Brentwood Bay)

    District Environment Officer Ray Berry (Saanich Peninsula)

    The District Nominating Committee also nominates the following Member for appointment by the Members as Auditor of the District:

    Bill Cave

    The District Nominating Committee advises that, if elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following Members as staff officers with the rank of Staff Lieutenant:

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    Assistant Youth Education Officer Jeff Trapp (Juan de Fuca)

    District Assistant Roster Editor Diana McBratney (Saanich Peninsula)

    (and Advertising Coordinator)

    District Safe Boating Award Coordinator Jim Andrews (Saltspring)

    District Historian Shirley Jones (Oak Bay)

    Canadian Coast Guard Liaison David Struthers (Saanich Peninsula)

    District Port Captain Helen Louwerse (Saanich Peninsula)

    Telephone Answering Service Pat Moar (Victoria)

    The District Nominating Committee advises that, if elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following District Executive Members to secondary duties:

    Government Liaison Peter Jennings (Victoria)

    Vancouver Island North District Liaison Peter Jennings (Victoria)

    USPS Liaison John Bishop (Juan de Fuca)

    PMD Liaison John Bishop (Juan de Fuca)

    The District Nominating Committee also advises that

    (a) the following Member will serve on the District Executive Committee and the District Council by virtue of his position as immediate Past District Commander, and does not require election or appointment:

    P/D/C John Bishop (Juan de Fuca)

    (b) pursuant to District Regulation 9.15.1, the following Members will serve on the District Nominating Committee for 2001/2002 by virtue of their position, and do not require election or appointment:

    P/D/C John Bishop (Juan de Fuca) Chairman

    P/D/C Conny MacInnis (Victoria)

    D/C Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula)

    Respectfully submitted

    P/D/C John Bishop, AP P/D/C Conny MacInnis, AP D/C Ken Clarke

    Chairman Member Member

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    Skippers on the Shore

    by Ron Armstrong

    An article by Ron Armstrong, Victoria Model

    Shipbuilding Society. Third of five parts.

    Model ships and boats are built either from kits or from scratch. The latter way remains the most popular, in Victoria as elsewhere. Kits often contain complete hulls along with pre-stamped pieces for superstructures and cast metal and plastic fittings. However nearly all kits are of British, European and American prototypes with Atlantic origins. Canadian and BC scratchbuilders solve the problem using accurate scale drawings from shipyards, naval architects and prototype owners. Wood is the material of choice using two methods - plank on frame identical to full-size practice, and bread and butter which refers to boards and glue. Fiberglass and epoxy are other sources. Rob Woodward has produced many sailboat hulls, all to rigid class specifications. Perhaps the most unusual source is styrofoam as used by Doug Dyer for "Lady Rose" and his other models (including the 6 ft. ferry under construction). He takes supermarket meat trays and cuts, shapes and epoxies them into remarkably strong and light hulls. Fittings are as detailed as the scratchbuilder's skill or wallet allows. The world is a recycling paradise as he or she converts discards into gun barrels, winch drums and radar screens. Ralph Day says "my junk box is my best tool bag." More complex fittings can be bought separately (from kits) in the local hobby stores or ordered from specialty suppliers in the US and Britain. Racing sail requires high-tech materials to produce high performance:- mylar decks, carbon-fiber masts, Kevlar sails and hardware that withstands the rigors of winter racing.

    Nearly all scale replicas are powered by electric motors because they are clean, simple, versatile and.…. cheap. Sophisticated versions are available in the hobby shops, but very reliable ones can be found in old tape and record players and secondhand stores. Batteries for model use are always rechargeable. For drive power they are usually gelcels, in effect miniature sealed car batteries. New ones are sold in the hobby shops and electronic supply stores. Nickel cadmium, the traditional rechargeables, are now mostly used for auxiliary functions or for smaller models where weight is critical. Propellers are usually bought ready made, brass or plastic, with three or four blades. However John Gough makes professional quality props to order for fellow members. Shafts, couplings and gears can be bought ready to install, or engineered from stock rod, rubber tubing and clockworks.

    To be continued in the next issue. Members who would like more information about the VMSS are invited to phone Ron Armstrong at 391-0101.