The Beacon

Volume 30 Number 2
March 2000

The Official Newsletter of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron


Commander Cdr Ken Reeves 655-3602  
Past Commander P/Cdr Helen Louwerse 544-4358
Executive Officer Lt/Cdr Greg Nutt 656-4212 nutz@
Training Officer Lt/Cdr David Stansfield 655-4619  
Assistant Training Officer 1st Lt Jim Dawson 658-8204
Youth Officer 1st Lt Barbara Bond 384-4268
Training Aids Officer 1st Lt David Teece 658-0299
Treasurer 1st Lt Ray Scott 656-4828
Secretary 1st Lt Paulette Nutt 656-4212
Membership Officer 1st Lt Carol Sidwell 656-4590
Supply Officer 1st Lt Chris Sterling 656-7927  
Editor, Beacon 1st Lt Diana McBratney 656-4590
Publisher, Beacon 1st Lt Agnes Simpson 652-1291
Communications Officer 1st Lt Tamara Nutt 889-1506
Marep Weather 1st Lt Bob Richardson 544-1577
Marep Hydrographic P/Cdr Stephen Denroche 656-6177
Computer Officer 1st Lt Colin Gallins 656-4904
P.R. & Entertainment Officer 1st Lt Cliff Kachaluba 652-2359
Social Cruise Captain 1st Lt Barry Levi 477-3702
Student Cruise Captain 1st Lt Martin Pepper pgr388-1727
Port Captain 1st Lt Hank Louwerse 544-4358
Environment Officer 1st Lt Leslie Head 655-4656
Archivist P/Cdr Giles Perodeau 656-4525  
Auditor ***** Brenna Litwack 656-0084
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Meetings of the Bridge will be held on the third Thursday of each month at 1930 in the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, except July and December. All members are welcome to attend. Please contact the Editor, Diana McBratney, at 656-4590 or if you have any comments on the material contained in this publication. Information, advertisement requests and articles for publication in The Beacon should be in the hands of the Editor by the 15th of each month. The material in this publication will also be published on the Squadron website at

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Commander's Comments

I want to comment on "happenings" in The Beacon this month -- there are a host of activities scheduled -- two Annual General Meetings -- our Squadron's on 1 May and the Vancouver Island South District on 6 May.

The District AGM, organized by Oak Bay Squadron this year, promises to be a great affair! The actual AGM taking place on Saturday, May 6th, with a dinner dance and magical entertainment that evening. On Friday night wine and cheese at the Crystal Garden and entrance to the IMAX theatre for the first BC showing of "Race the Wind," filmed on an America's Cup yacht.


Tickets are limited to 400 -- and will be offered to all CPS -- USPS -- local Yacht Clubs. For those of you who do not receive a written copy of The Beacon, let the Editor know if you want a registration form mailed to you.

The current boating course will conduct its student cruise to Otter Bay on the 5th of March. Somewhere around 14 boats will be needed, sail or power. So, if you'd like an entertaining day on the water as a volunteer skipper, give Martin Pepper a call at 656-8101. (Note: Students do the navigating -- proctors keep them on the straight and narrow -- skippers display their seamanship skills !!)

Details of our Squadron's AGM will be in the next issue of The Beacon -- but keep 1 May open!

Ken Reeves, Commander

Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.

Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if

your whole world seems upset.

St. Francis de Sales

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Coming Events Calendar 

Mar. 5 Spring Student Cruise to Otter Bay. All Squadron members are welcome, not just students -- come along, join in the exercise and check out your skills. It will be instructive and fun! Phone Martin Pepper, 656-8101 or 388-1727 and let him know if you plan to attend. 

Mar. 16 Bridge meeting at Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, 1930. All members are welcome to attend.

April Dues for the next year are now payable. You will be contacted directly by National HQ regarding your dues.

Apr. 4 Spring Boating Course final examination 

Apr. 18 Restricted Radio Operator certificate course, Parklands School

Apr. 20 Bridge meeting at Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, 1930. All members are welcome to attend.

Apr. 21-23 First Cruise of the season: Annual Easter Cruise. Plans are to spend

the first two nights at Telegraph Harbour, and then stop off at Maple Bay on the way home. Plan now to attend.

Cruises . . . .

The plan for social cruises is just a little different this year. The first cruise is as indicated above. There will be no cruise in May. On the 3rd of June we have our Annual Sailpast and Dinner, and a cruise on the 11th to Sidney Spit. There will be a Todd Inlet raft-up July 15th, the Annual District Gathering at Otter Bay the weekend of Aug. 18, corn roast at Genoa Bay on Sept. 16th, and the wind up cruise to Maple Bay on the 14th of Oct.

Then, of course, there is always the New Year's cruise to Otter Bay at the end of the year.

You will either be phoned or sent an email before each cruise. Please be prepared to tell your "phoner" if you plan to attend or not, or similarly to return the email. Remember that it takes time for the Cruise Captain to make reservations. If by chance you do not receive notification, call Barry or Jackie Levi at 656-3420.

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Meet the Bridge

Meet Chris Sterling. New to the Sqn last year, Chris has taken on the task of Supply Officer. In addition to the Boating Course, Chris completed the Piloting Course in the Fall with Brentwood Bay Sqn. Chris sails. Asked why she enjoys sailing, Chris will smile and tell you it's the quiet, the beauty of nature, the gorgeous scenery, the relaxation. Not into racing, Chris prefers local waters with a little gunkholing.

Meet Dave Teece. Dave has been with the Sqn since 1996, having completed the Piloting, Marine Maintenance and GPS courses last year. This year he is working as Training Aids Officer as well as proctoring on the Boating course. Involved in Computer Networking at Uvic, Dave still enjoys reading about and working with computers in his "off" time. Other spare time (does one ever have spare time with two teenage daughters!) is spent sailing his Grampian 23 "Clio", cruising the Gulf Islands with wife Susan (also a Squadron member) and fun racing from the back of the fleet.

 Member News

A big welcome this month to new members Don & Corrie Hermanson whose Maria del Rocio is moored at North Saanich Marina, and to Brian Broadley and to Terrance Berscheid (Sea Dawn), both of whom moor their boats at Westport. We hope to see you out on some of the Squadron cruises this coming summer season.

Get well wishes to Ron Barrett who exited the hospital somewhat precipitously recently and found himself with a broken wrist and a broken foot!

I would like to thank those of you who responded to my recent email request for assistance for a member having difficulty with his GPS. As I had totally forgotten to ask for help in the last Beacon, the only thing I could think to do was to send out an SOS by email. Would you believe I had 15 responses!!!

Our "free" classifieds last month paid off for one of the three contributors. Just goes to show, there's always someone who needs what you have but don't need!

Diana McBratney, Editor

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Membership Renewal in 2000

This year, CPS Headquarters is going to be conducting the membership renewal process somewhat differently from the past. You will recall that the current system is that everyone gets billed in March or April and is expected to pay up for the year before the first of May. Not this year! This year, unless your birthday is in May, it will be more or less than a year that you will have to pay.

This year HQ is converting to a renewal system that will have members renewing in the month of their birth, so that, for instance, if you were born in August, you would renew in July for August through July of the following year. Family members would renew at the time of the birth month of their spouse/partner who is a Regular member. However, to take up the time between the end of April this year and the month of your birth, they need to issue, this year only, a membership that will be either less than a year or more than a year, and this will mean you will get a prorated invoice.

Here is how it will Member's Member Invoiced for:

affect you this year: Birth Month

 May 12 months May 2000 to April 30, 2001

June 13 months May 2000 to May 31, 2001

July 14 months

August 15 months

September 16 months

October 17 months

November 18 months

December 7 months May 2000 to November 30, 2000

January 8 months

February 9 months

March 10 months

April 11 months

For those members who have not provided HQ with their birth date (and who, by the way, will not have received the Coast Guard's Pleasure Craft Operator Card), HQ will assign an arbitrary birth month of April and issue invoices accordingly.

(This system will not apply to new members joining the Squadron or to members returning after some time of absence.)

Wait for your invoice! If you haven't received it by April call Diana or Carol at 656-4590 or email . If you have any questions, please ask us!

And may I suggest at this point: the sooner you pay your dues, the easier it makes it for all the volunteers who have to do the processing. So please, when you get the invoice, please pay up promptly.

Diana McBratney

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Training Page


 Collision Regulations: Fishing Vessels: Rule 26

(b) A vessel when engaged in trawling, …., shall exhibit:

(i) two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being _______ and the

lower ______, or a shape consisting of two cones with their apexes _______

in a vertical line one above the other; a vessel of less than 20 metres in

length may instead of this shape exhibit a basket,

(These lights replace the normal forward masthead light)

(c) A vessel engaged in fishing, other than trawling, shall exhibit:

(i) two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being ______ and the

lower ______, or a shape consisting of two cones with apexes ______ in a

vertical line one above the other; a vessel of less than 20 metres in length

may instead of this shape exhibit a basket,

(ii) when there is outlying gear extending more than 150 metres horizontally

from the vessel, an all-round ______ light or a cone apex upwards in the

direction of the gear,

(This light is carried in the direction of the outlying gear)


1. What colour are the lights in Rule 26 (b) (i)?

2. Are the apexes together or apart in Rule 26 (b) (i)?

3. What colour are the lights in Rule 26 (c) (i)?

4. Are the apexes together or apart in Rule 26 (c) (i)?

5. What colour is the light in Rule 26 (c) (ii)?

Jot your answers down and then check the answers on page 8.

Quotes from science exams of 11 year olds . . . .

"Water is composed of two gins, Oxygin and Hydrogin. Oxygin is pure gin.

Hydrogin is gin and water."

and "H2O is hot water, and CO2 is cold water."

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Canadian Compliance Plate

As of April 1, 1999, all new pleasure boats sold in Canada up to 6 m in length and capable of being fitted with an engine(s) of 7.5 kw or more were required to carry a Capacity Plate. Although requirements for Capacity Plates changed from 5 to 6 m on April 1, 1999, plates issued before that date are still valid.

All other motorized pleasure craft sold in Canada are required to display a Conformity Plate or decal stating that the vessel meets the Construction Standards issued by Canadian Coast Guard/Transport Canada.

The Single Vessel Plate is issued to homebuilt boats or those boats built by a builder who is no longer able to supply a plate.

If you are buying, building or importing a boat, you are responsible for ensuring that your boat has a Capacity, Conformity, or Single Vessel Plate. Plates can only be obtained from the builder. If this is not possible, contact the Office of Boating Safety for information on how to obtain a plate and the associated fees.

NOTE: Plates issued in another country or by anyone other than the Canadian Government are not valid for Canadian registered or licensed boats.

Taken from the Coast Guard website. See also page 57 of the Safe Boating Guide.

Several CPS members have had difficulty getting their plates from the Coast Guard. However, it seems they are now ready. Here is what one member has to say:

Today (28 Jan. 00) I received the conformity plate (by priority Post no less) that I had ordered early December. They are black and silver metal plates identical to that shown in the Safe Boating Guide and still bearing the Transport Canada Label (despite the notes in the application stating that this would be removed). Stamped into it are an H.I.N., Builder: "Manufactured" and Model: "Sailboat 7.97 M" along with a serial number.

In an accompanying letter CCG states that a new Hull Identification Number has been assigned and that the older one (moulded into the hull) is no longer valid. They also state that the plate is serialized and that number should be provided to the Customs Office.

Stu Smith, Lake St Louis Sqn Montreal

Page 8

Training Page (continued from page 6)


Lights are a green over a white.

The two cones have their apexes together.

Lights are a red over a white.

The two cones have their apexes together.

The light is white.

(Note: These lights are all-round lights)

Questions or comments on the questions should be directed to the Assistant Training Officer, Jim Dawson, at 658-8204.

Tips Corner

The items in the Tips Corner are all taken from Boating Magazine's Quick & Easy Boat Maintenance -- 1,001 Time-Saving Tips by Sandy Lindsey. Published by McGraw-Hill 1999. The publisher takes no responsibility for the use of any of the materials or methods described in this book, nor for the products thereof.

Gelcoat: For a quick and gentle gelcoat cleaner that leaves behind a nice shine, mix 1 tablespoon ammonia and 1 cup 70% isopropyl alcohol in 1 pint of water. Wash down the boat as usual. To get a truly glistening showroom shine out of your gelcoat, use grandmother's handy remedy of 2 tablespoons cornstarch, 1/2 cup household ammonia, and 1/2 cup white vinegar, stirred until dissolved in 1 gallon warm water. (Page 5)

Page 9

Skippers on the Shore

by Ron Armstrong

An article by Ron Armstrong, Victoria Model Shipbuilding Society. Second of five parts.

Probably the most well-known tug model was the late Orv Wilson's "Shelley Foss." About four feet long, she has twin screws in Kort Nozzles, a powerful towing winch, and a fire monitor which can shoot an arc of water at startled bystanders. Orv included an amusing touch with a sailor using the head. For more comic relief he added the sound of a toilet flushing!

Naturally the predominant BC Ferry service has attracted ship modellers' attention. Two same-scale models of the numerous "B" class exist, one in Victoria and one on the Mainland. Local dentist Rick Chillibeck built the "Queen of Saanich" which sits in his waiting room display case. Besides the standard functions, Rick made davits that raise and lower lifeboats, car deck doors that open and close, funnel smoke, full lighting, and bow thrusters that give the same manouverability as the big ferry. In the Fraser Valley runs her sister model "Queen of Victoria." When they have appeared together at various meets they look just like a scene from Active Pass!

Doug Dyer produced a perfectly detailed model of the venerable "Lady Rose", formerly of Union Steamships and now synonymous with the Barkley Sound service. So well made is the little craft - complete with working anchor - that organizers asked Doug to display her as part of the Union's 100th Anniversary Celebrations in 1989.

Working model submarines have evolved to perform perfectly underwater, using diving planes and ballast tanks. Romaine Klaasen's "USS Miami" can trim down to any level or crash dive to the bottom. His latest and largest is a "boomer", the "USS Florida." Just like her full-size prototype (never say "real" to a modeller) she actually fires missiles…..from underwater!! All four silos eject independently, thrilling spectators as the little canisters break surface.

For racing sailors the appeal is simpler. Ken Lockley likes "to see a wind driven creation of my own handiwork, powered by nature." Wife Lois, first of three female members in the club, agrees and has built her own wooden STAR 45 yacht. An added appeal is a hobby shared. She says "the couple that sails together stays together!"

To be continued in the next issue. Members who would like more information about the VMSS are invited to phone Ron Armstrong at 391-0101.