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Saanich Peninsula Squadron

April 2002



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A Unit of Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons — Vancouver Island South District





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If a learned man refuses to take office, then he has no reason to complain should he be ruled by lesser mortals....ancient Greek Proverb


page 1

The Beacon

Volume 32 Number 3 April 2002

The Official Newsletter of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron

A Unit of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons



Cdr Diana McBratney



Past Commander

P/Cdr Ken Reeves



Training Officer

Lt/Cdr John Hudson



Asst. Training Officer

1st Lt Sita Pillay



ATO — Chief Instructor

1st Lt Doug Mitchell



ATO –- Chief Proctor

Lt Peter Vivian



Student Cruise Captain

1st Lt Martin Russell


student cruise


1st Lt Jim Dawson




1st Lt Inez Weberg



Membership Officer

1st Lt Cathy Campbell



Public Relations Officer

 1st Lt Marion Marlor



Supply Officer

1st Lt Ron Townshend



MAREP Officer

1st Lt Kit Raetsen



Communications Officer

1st Lt Jackie Levi



Environment Officer

1st Lt George Winn



Port Captain

1st Lt Gay Miller




Lt Peter Payerl



Social Cruise Captain

P/Cdr Bob Parkinson




P/Cdr Stephen Denroche




Brenna Litwack



*All email addresses are


Meetings of the Squadron Executive Committee (the Bridge) are normally held on the third THURSDAY of each month at 1930 in the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, except in July and December. All members of the Squadron are welcome to attend.


The Beacon is our official newsletter. Members with articles or information should send material to the Commander before the 15th of each month.


We also maintain a website . Please check this site regularly for notices of upcoming events, classified ads, etc. 


page 2

Commander’s Comments


The Ides of March have come and gone and now April is upon us. And what a busy month it will be. The first cruise of the season will take place over the last weekend of March, concluding on Easter Monday, the 1st of April. All the winter/spring courses will end in the next few weeks, the last meeting of the Bridge of the current Watch takes place the 18th, the Sidney Floating Boat Show from the 25th to the 28th, and finally, our Graduation and Social Evening on the 29th — a busy month indeed.


Your elected Bridge members are working hard on your behalf to make sure that all courses and Squadron events move along smoothly, many of them taking on more than one task to this end. John Hudson will be needing volunteers to help with exam night for the Boating Course. Marion Marlor will be looking for volunteers to handle the gate for the entire period of the Boat Show. Ken Reeves is still looking for volunteers to fill a number of vacant positions on the slate of officers for the next Watch. If any of you can volunteer your time for any of these jobs, please contact the responsible officer at the number or email address on page 1.


Hopefully April’s weather will “lighten up” and many of us will be out there washing off winter’s unwanted greenery from the many boats that aren’t in a boat house and getting ready for a new season on the water. I’m sure many of you will remember the tremendous winds and high tides we had in the latter part of December when some of the docks at North Saanich Marina broke loose and caused general pandemonium. My boat was among those stuck in the middle. I was able to get it out to alternative mooring after a couple of days, and only recently received notice that I could return to my normal dock. But boating is fun, isn’t it!


I want to thank all Bridge members for their continuing support. In particular I want to thank: Inez Weberg who took up a difficult position with little background knowledge and helped us over a trying time after the sudden resignation of our last Secretary; Gay Miller and Jackie Levi who have taken on much more than the terms of reference for their particular positions; John Hudson who is ensuring that our raison d’etre — bringing courses to the public and membership — continues in good measure; Ken Reeves who continues to give of his valuable time.


                                                                                                                        Diana McBratney, Commander

page 3

Calendar of Events

Mar. 29

to Apr. 1

First of the annual cruises. Friday to (probably) Genoa Bay, Saturday and Sunday at Telegraph Harbour, and Monday return home.

Apr. 9

Boating Course exam and course ends

Apr. 10

 Piloting exam and course ends

Apr. 16

VHF Radio Qualification course (one night). Prior registration with the Squadron Training Officer, John Hudson or 655-3653 is required. 

Apr. 18

Bridge meeting, 1930 at SNSYC. Everyone welcome.

Apr. 21

 District Council Meeting. Commander and Squadron Training Officer will attend.

Apr. 25-28

Sidney Boat Show – The Squadron has been asked to handle the gate again. We will be looking for volunteers closer to the date.

Apr. 29

Graduation, for Spring courses candidates, and Social Evening at SNSYC, 1900 for 1930. Refreshments. All members are encouraged to attend to welcome new members into the Squadron and to chat with old friends over refreshments and “a cuppa” (or something stronger).

May 3 -5 Cruise to Annette Inlet. This will be an anchoring cruise. We will raft in the furthest bay so boats should head for the end of the bay and look for Bob and Mo on their port side as they pass the point that is midway into the inlet. Suggest you let Bob and Mo know if you are planning to attend
May 4 FYI: SNSYC Opening and Sail past
May 10-11 District Annual General Meeting at the Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre at SANCHA HALL in Sidney.
May 11 FYI Capital City Yacht Club - Opening and Sail past
May 13 Squadron Annual General Meeting
May 16 First meeting of the Bridge of the New Watch. 1930 at SNSYC. Everyone welcome.


page 4

Membership News


George passed the Boating Course in 1977 and joined the Squadron in 1978. He was elected to the Bridge as Secretary in 1979, and following a number of other appointments, was elected the Squadron Commander in 1985. His service to the Squadron continued after he completed his tour as Commander. He volunteered for many activities over the years, ending his service as a member of the group that gathered at Agnes Simpson’s house, printing and assembling The Beacon each month.


Because of his deteriorating health (although “I still have all my marbles!”), he finally resigned from the Squadron in 2000.


George, in your 92nd year, we wish you all the best, and hope that your “marbles” continue to rattle around for many years yet.


Ken Reeves



Current Membership Figures


As of February 28, 2002 our membership is as follows:

Regular members  236
Family members  64
Life members  5
Associate – regular  4
Associate – junior  2
Lady associates  12
Dual members  2
All-inclusive total  325



page 5

Training Report


A successful Student Cruise for the Boating Class took place on March 3rd in fantastic weather . All but two students who were sick attended. “Thanks” goes to Student Cruise Captain, Martin Russell and all the volunteer skippers:

Bill Miller

Agnes and John Simpson

Norah Franklin

Richard Graham

Ken and Joan Clark

Nancy Vivian

Martin Pepper

John Stenstron

"Thanks" also extended to proctors:

Gay Miller

Jim Dawson

Warren Franklin

Ruth Jones

Peter Vivian

George McClure

Cliff Cunningham

Doug Mitchell

“Thank you” also goes to the North Pender Volunteer Fire Department, Sidney Fire Equipment Sales & Service and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Missing from this cruise was the flare demonstration due to a change in Coast Guard policy.


The Boating exam is on April 9th followed by the Marine VHF class and exam on April 16th. The Marine Maintenance class has been very up beat and wants their exam before spring break even though the class tour to Blackline Marine cannot be arranged till later. Their exam was on Friday March 15th


The Piloting open book exam part was handed out on March 27th with the final exam April 10th.


John Hudson, STO


page 6

Boat Maintenance

Engine Check-up (2nd in series)


Before you begin the season, invest a few hours of inspection and preventative maintenance in the auxiliary. It will pay off big dividends as the season unfolds. Here's a quick rundown of those areas deserving attention. Last month we looked at oil replacement, coolant and fuel filters.


Engine Leaks

One little engine leak can quickly become one big engine leak. Stopping an engine leak when it's small is crucial. This is especially true in warm salt-water environments. Hot salt water is very corrosive and causes rust quickly.


Poke around the engine and look for drips of salt water, antifreeze, oil or transmission fluid. With a clean white rag, wipe the underside of the oil pan. This will tell you if you have some leakage. Common area of minor oil leaks are at the pan gasket, the valve cover gasket and the oil filter.


Now, wiggle the hoses. Look for water or coolant spurting through hose cracks or at soft spots, and look for loose connections. Areas most prone to coolant leaks are the salt-water pump, coolant re-circulating pump at the front of the engine, connections to the hot water heater, and engine or transmission heat exchangers.


Rust Buildup

Engine rust is insidious and makes future maintenance more difficult. It can spread rapidly. Clean rusty areas with a de-greaser such as Gunk. Chip off large flakes or scale with a scraper or sharp tool. Then follow by sanding with sandpaper till you have bare metal-an interesting fingertip exercise in tight places. Naval Jelly or a de-rusting spray such as Ospho will help to remove and neutralize remaining surface rust. When you have finished this preparation, spray paint with a high-temperature engine paint. Match the engine color as closely as possible.


If the rusted part is impossible to access or if the corrosion is severe, you might consider removing it from the engine and having it professionally sanded. Many metal and engine shops can sandblast parts down to bare metal.


Replace any engine zincs now.

See conclusion page 11...

page 7

Canadian power and sail squadrons

Vancouver island south district


sixth  conference & annual general meeting


May 10 – 11   2002

2002  -  The Age of  Sail



Gather Ye Selves for a High Seas Adventure

Captains , 1st Mates and Crew welcome


Hosted by Brentwood Bay Power and Sail Squadron


Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre @ SANCHA Hall

SIDNEY  By - the - Sea





SIXTH Conference and  Annual General Meeting


page 8

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, Vancouver Island South District

Sixth Conference & Annual General Meeting



FRIDAY, May 10th:
1600 - 2000   Registration desk open
1900 - 2230   “2002  AGE of SAIL “ meet and greet -  FUN NIGHT
  Sancha Hall   Room # 3
  Cash bar
SATURDAY, May 11th:   Registration desk open  Gallery “A”

0800 - 1130


0830 - 1015   Squadron Commanders and Executive Officers Boardroom # 6
0830 - 1130   Training Department  Boardroom # 5
  Environmental Officers Room # 4
  MAREP Hydrographic Room # 3

1000 - 1030

  Coffee break - in each room

1200 - 1330

  AGM Lunch - cash bar  Room # 2B
1315 - 1630   Annual General Meeting Room # 4
1830 - 1900   Cocktail Hour - cash bar Room # 2
1900 - 2400   District Commander’s Dinner and Dance Room # 2


Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre @ SANCHA Hall

Sidney  By - the - Sea



page 9

MAY 10 & 11  2002

Brentwood Bay Power and Sail Squadron

C/O 1st Lt. Shirley Liggett

4894 Lochside Drive

Victoria, B.C. V8Y 2E4

To meet Deadline



APRIL 25th 2002



Don’t delay . . .Mail today !!!


Members name : __________________________   Rank ___________            Grade ____________

Spouses name :  __________________________   Rank ___________            Grade ____________

Squadron :           __________________________

Mailing address:  __________________________   City ___________________________________

                Prov./State ________________________  Postal/Zip code __________________________ 

                Tel # _____________________________  Fax # ____________

                E-mail _____________________________________________

Name (s) of Guest (s) : _____________________________________________________________






Friday evening meet and greet , “2002 – The AGE of SAIL “       _____  x $18.00 =   ______

Saturday Conference Lunch                                                             _____  x $20.00 =   ______

Saturday District Commander’s Dinner & Dance

                                Meal  -  Buffet Style                                              _____  x $35.00 =   ______

                                Total Purchase (including tax)                                                          $  ______


Please indicate if you require more information on :

                Other Hotels         Moorage                                R.V. Parks             Other

·          Special Diet needs :

Name :  ____________________________________________________________

Requirements :  ______________________________________________________






page 10

Hey  Mateys  ! ! ! Now  hear  this . . .


Cheque should be made payable to Brentwood Bay Power and Sail Squadron.

Mail payment and registration form to:

Brentwood Bay Power and Sail Squadron

c/o  1st Lt. Shirley Liggett

4894 Lochside Drive

Victoria, B.C.

V8Y 2E4

  • NOTE: Saturday meetings and the AGM in the afternoon are open to all CPS members at no cost.  Registration is not required for these meetings, and members are encouraged to participate in the business of the meetings.   If you wish to attend any of the events requiring payment, even if only one, you must register.

  • Confirmation of your registration will follow.

  • HOTEL REGISTRANTS are required to book their own accommodations.

             Book early and ask for our CPS rate .

Deadline for registering is APRIL 10 , 2002  for :


Sidney Travelodge

2280 Beacon , Sidney , B.C.  V8L 1X1

(250) 656 - 1176


CPS ROOM RATES:  up to 5 rooms booked  @  $75.65 each plus tax.

                                      or more rooms booked  @ $71.20 each plus tax.


            MOORAGE   available at  Port  Sidney Marina  (250) 655-3711     Ch.68


            R.V.   McDonald Park  -  contact us for directions

  •  Dress Code:         Friday  -    Casual – Fancy Dress – Pirates/Swashbuckler

Day  -        Uniform D (summer whites-short sleeves) or

       Blazer ensemble (w/gray pants/skirt)


Evening -  Uniform B w/bow tie or

       Blazer ensemble (w/white pants/skirt) or

                               Evening dress/business suit


page 11

Boat Maintenance

Engine Check-up (3rd and final in series)


Before you begin the season, invest a few hours of inspection and preventative maintenance in the auxiliary. It will pay off big dividends as the season unfolds. Here's a quick rundown of those areas deserving attention. Previously we looked at oil replacement, coolant, fuel filters, engine leaks and rust build-up.

Air Filters

Clean the air filter at least once each season. If it's an old-fashioned oil-bath type, dump the old oil, wipe down completely and replace the oil.


Many yards cover or plug the exhaust outlet to prevent insects, moisture and blowing dirt from entering, so check this and remove any blockage.


Engine Belts

Look for wear on belts. If the wear appears to be uneven or if it's cracked, glazed or no longer flexible, replace the belt. Make sure to check the belt tension. Do this before the season starts and make it part of a regular routine on the boat.


Squealing, especially on cold engine start-up, usually indicates loose belts. When pushing with your hand, the belt should deflect no more than 1/4 to 3/8 inch. Overly tightened belts, however, will result in rapid bearing-wear in the water-distribution pump and alternator.


Electrical Concerns

Turn the key switch to ON without starting the engine. Alarms should sound and the gauges should register off their pegs. Go over the wiring, looking for corroded terminals or chafe on insulation. Wires lying against the alternator case or exhaust manifold are a potential fire hazard.


Engine Controls

Move the throttle and shift levers. Test the shift disengagement button on a single lever control unit. If the levers do not work easily and smoothly, disconnect the cables from both the engine and control head and try again. Cleaning and oiling the control head may solve sticky operation, but the problem usually lies in the cables. Running penetrating oil down the cable sheaths may correct this. If it doesn't, cable replacement is usually inexpensive. If the diesel is shut down manually, don't neglect the engine-stop cable.


Ensure that the seacock is open and fire away. You're set to go.


page 12

2002 Report of the

District Nominating Committee

The District Nominating Committee nominates the following Members for election as District Officers for 2002/2003:


District Commander (D/C) Peter Jennings (Victoria)
District Executive Officer (D/Lt/C) Don Lassey (Sooke)
District Training Officer (D/Lt/C) Margaret Griffin (Saanich Peninsula)
District Administrative Officer (D/Lt/C) Bev Gerry (Pender Island)
District Secretary (D/Lt)  Linda Larsson (Brentwood Bay)
District Treasurer (D/Lt) Lloyd Guenther (Brentwood Bay)


The District Nominating Committee also nominates the following Members for election as District Officers, with the rank of District Lieutenant, who, if elected, will have the duties indicated next to their names assigned to them by the District Executive Committee pursuant to District Regulation 6.2.1(a):


Assistant District Training Officer (D/Lt)  Myra Simpson (Victoria)
Assistant District Training Officer (D/Lt)  Brian Tolman (Saltspring Island)

Assistant District Training Officer (D/Lt) 

Barry Gilbertson (Victoria)
District Youth Education Officer (S/C)  Len Fallan (Brentwood Bay)
District Supply Officer (D/Lt) Pat Moar (Victoria)
District MAREP (Hydrographic) Officer (D/Lt)  Peter Browning (Juan de Fuca)

District MAREP (Weather) Officer (D/Lt) 

Jim Andrews (Saltspring Island)

District Public Relations Officer (D/Lt) 

Lyle Sauter (Oak Bay)

District Membership Officer (D/Lt) 

Lyle Sauter (Oak Bay)

District Roster Editor (D/Lt) 

Shirley Hamilton (Victoria)

District Communications Officer (D/Lt) 

Linda Larsson (Brentwood Bay)

District Environment Officer (D/Lt) 

George Winn (Saanich Peninsula)

Canadian Coast Guard Liaison (D/Lt)

Ken Weller (Victoria)
District Port Captain (D/Lt) 

Myra Simpson (Victoria)


The District Nominating Committee also nominates the following Member for appointment by the Members as Auditor of the District:


Howard Platt (Juan de Fuca)


page 13

The District Nominating Committee advises that, if elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following Members as staff officers with the rank of Staff Lieutenant:


Boatpro Officer Lesley Head (Saanich Peninsula)
VHF OfficerBarrie Gilbertson (Victoria)
Assistant Youth Education Officer tba 
District Assistant Roster Editor George Silvestrini
District Safe Boating Award Coordinator Sara Steil (Pender Island)
District Historian Shirley Hamilton (Victoria)
Telephone Answering Service tba
Assistant Supply Officer Darroll Westover (Victoria)


The District Nominating Committee advises that, if elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following District Executive Members to secondary duties:


Vancouver Island North District Liaison Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula)
Pacific Mainland District Liaison Peter Jennings (Victoria)
United States Power Squadrons Liaison John Bishop (Juan de Fuca)


The District Nominating Committee also advises that:


(a) the following Member will serve on the District Executive Committee and the District Council by virtue of his position as immediate Past District Commander, and does not require election or appointment:


                                                                P/D/C Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula)


(b) pursuant to District Regulation 9.15.1, the following Members will serve on the District Nominating Committee for 2002/2003 by virtue of their position, and do not require election or appointment:


                                                                P/D/C Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula) Chairman

                                                                P/D/C John Bishop (Juan de Fuca)

                                                                D/C Peter Jennings (Victoria)


Respectfully submitted


P/D/C Ken Clarke, Chairman         P/D/C John Bishop          D/C Peter Jennings


page 14

TRAINING QUIZ                 See answers page 15…...



The last quiz I prepared was aimed at encouraging members to register for the Piloting Course. Whether the excellent registration was due to the quiz or not is immaterial, what does matter is that 10 did register. This quiz is aimed at members who have family and friends who have not taken the Boating Course. Please try the quiz on them and encourage them to sign up for the September course.


1) What is the most frequent cause of engine failure?


2) Name other causes of engine failure?


3) How much fuel should you allow for a journey?


4) However short a journey is, what should a responsible skipper do before leaving the dock?


5) A yacht with sail hosted bears relative bearing of 315º to your power boat and appears on a collision course. Under what conditions is your boat the stand on (has right of way) vessel?


6) Accepting the given answer to question 5, assume the yacht keeps on the same collision course, what are your options?


7)What do three short blasts by a horn mean?


 Golden Rules
If you open it, close it.
If you turn it on, turn it off.
If you unlock it, lock it up.
If you break it, admit it.
If you value it, take care of it.
If you make a mess, clean it up.
If you move it, put it back.
If it belongs to someone else get permission to use it.
If you do not know how to use it, leave leave it alone.
If it will brighten someone’s day, say it.
These are good rules to live by. Author unknown


page 15

Training Quiz Answers


1) Lack of fuel (sections 11.3 and 15.3.1)


2) Other reasons include: fuel filter clogged, particularly after going through rough water; tank vent clogged; ignition system failure due to dirty plugs, worn points or the system got wet; water pump or impeller failure causing engine overheating. (section 15.3.1)


3) The first rule is to know the fuel consumption of your vessel’s engine(s). The second rule if to allow a third of the fuel for the outward journey, a third for the return and a third of the fuel in reserve for head winds, inclement weather, etc. (section 11.3)


4) Check the weather forecast; tides/current; safety equipment is where it should be and in good order; bilge for water; enough fuel; engine lubricant/drive belts etc; charts are onboard; radio working plus crew comfort items, depending on the weather. For longer trips this list will grow. One or several written check lists help (Professional airline pilots use check lists). (section 11.1)


5) If the yacht is clearly under power. Indications of this are sails not filled and flapping, and a clear wake from its propeller. If one is not sure, assume the yacht is under sail and give way. In this case, early and substantial action is required by you as the power boat skipper to clearly indicate your intensions. (sections 13.6.2 & 13.7.2)


6) The first option if there is time is to give a sound signal, 5 short blasts meaning, “Your message is not understood”, or “You are standing into danger” (section 13.11 & 13.11.1). If the yacht does not respond to you sound signal, the next safest course of action would be to cut speed and let the yacht pass. If a turn is also necessary, turn to starboard and never to port. The most important overriding rule regardless of who is right is that both vessels are required to do everything possible to avoid collision (section 13.10).


This signal is often though to be the correct signal for going astern (backing up). This is a misinterpretation. The actual definition is, “I am operating reverse propulsion”. It would be correct to use this signal when going forwards when starting to use the propeller in reverse to slow one’s speed such as if one was approaching a dock too fast. (section 13.11.1)


page 16



For Sale / Wanted


For Sale: Mustang "Cruiser class" suit (L) as new. "Scotty" downrigger, salmon rods, rod holders, net, tackle box with lures. "Sealand Sanipottie", braided nylon 1/2" anchor rode.

Call Bill Morrow, 656-7826


Squadron members who have marine items, boats, etc. for sale or wanted — be sure to notify us so that your ad can be included here and on our website. Email with details.



Answers . . .

                                                                    Future of Our Squadron

Last month I asked: What would you like to see the Squadron doing differently — either in an educational context or in a social context — in the future? What would it take to get YOU interested in helping with the work of the Squadron?

There were no responses; so, I guess I won’t ask any more questions!

Diana McBratney,