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March / April 2003



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A Unit of Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons — Vancouver Island South District





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page 1

The Beacon

Volume 33 Number 2       March / April 2003

The Official Newsletter of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron

A Unit of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons



Cdr Ken Reeves



Past Commander

P/Cdr Diana McBratney



Executive Officer Lt/Cdr Lesley Head 704-0325 executive

Training Officer

Lt/Cdr John Hudson



Asst. Training Officer

1st Lt Ian King



ATO - Special Projects 1st Lt Sita Pillay 656-5675 specialprojects

ATO - Chief Instructor

1st Lt Doug Mitchell



ATO - Chief Proctor

1st Lt Les Orr



ATO - Student Cruise

1st Lt Martin Russell


student cruise


1st Lt George Winn




1st Lt Rundi Koppang



Membership Officer

1st Lt Cathy Campbell



Public Relations Officer

Position Vacant - Volunteer Required


Supply Officer

1st Lt Ron Townshend



Editor 1st Lt Ralph Hodd 652-1715 editor

Communications Officer

1st Lt Jackie Levi



Environment Officer

1st Lt George Winn



MAREP Officer

1st Lt Kit Raetsen




1st Lt Peter Payerl



Social Cruisemaster

Position Vacant - Volunteer Required


Port Captain

P/Cdr Greg Nutt




Brenna Litwack




*All email addresses are


Meetings of the Squadron Executive Committee (the Bridge) are normally held on the third THURSDAY of each month at 1930 in the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, except in July and December. All members of the Squadron are welcome to attend.


The Beacon is our official newsletter. Members with articles or information should send material to the Commander before the 15th of each month.


We also maintain a website . Please check this site regularly for notices of upcoming events, classified ads, etc. 


page 2

Commander's Comments


In my last Comments column, I made an appeal for volunteers for the new Bridge to be sworn in in May. The response has been excellent, particularly from new members. I’m confident that we can replace all the members who are retiring from the Bridge this year. My thanks and the Squadron’s thanks to all volunteers!

While on the subject of volunteers, our Squadron has again been asked to operate the “Gate” at the Sidney Boat Show which runs from April 24th to 27th inclusive. For this event we will need about forty (40) volunteers to cover the fours days, operating in teams of two or three persons. This works out to one tour of about two and one half hours per person per shift. Jackie Levi and her team will be e-mailing and telephoning for volunteers soon. Apart from selling tickets, you get a chance to look at the boats, so….when the call comes please say “Aye, Aye”!


Finally, you will see on page 11 of this publication, the notice for the Squadron Annual General Meeting which will be held at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club on May 5, 2003. We look forward to a large turnout to welcome and meet the new Bridge, some of whom are new members of the Squadron.


Ken Reeves, Commander


Commander's Sailpast


An invitation is extended to all Squadron members to participate in the Squadron Commander’s Sailpast which will be on Saturday, June 7th 2003 at 1400 hours. You and your children are encouraged to attend. The exact location of the Sailpast has not yet been determined but it will be where all the members have a chance to get in their boats and sail or motor by.  We will then meet back at Saanich North Sidney Yacht Club for dinner.

Last year the Sailpast was cancelled but the dinner attracted 30-40 people. Further details of this fun day will be posted in the May/June issue of the Beacon you will see on page 11 of this publication, the notice for the Squadron Annual General Meeting which will be held at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club on May 5, 2003. We look forward to a large turnout to welcome and meet the new Bridge, some of whom are new members of the Squadron.


Lesley Head, Executive Officer


page 3

Calendar of Events

Mar  9

Student Cruise to Otter Bay

Members volunteering their services and boats, please contact Student Cruise Captain, Martin Russell at 652-5543 or email studentcruise

Mar 18

Spring Break No Boating Class

Mar 20

Bridge meeting - 1930 at SNSYC - everyone welcome

Apr 18-20

Easter cruise Friday night-April 18th at Genoa Bay Marina Sat. & Sun. nights-April 19 & 20 Telegraph Harbour (Thetis Island) For more information see page 14

Apr   9 

Piloting Course  exam at SNSYC - course ends

Apr 13

District Council Meeting

Commander and Squadron Training Officer will attend.

Apr 15

Boating Course exam, Parklands School

Apr 17

Bridge meeting, 1930 at SNSYC - everyone welcome

Apr 22

VHF Radio Qualification course (one night) Prior registration with the Squadron Training Officer, John Hudson is required.  He can be reached at 655-3653 or e-mail him

Apr 24 - 27

Sidney Boat Show

The Squadron has been asked to handle the gate again. We will be looking for volunteers closer to the date.

May 5

Squadron Annual General Meeting  SNSYC

May 9 - 10

Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons

Vancouver Island South District - Seventh Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting at the Sooke Legion & Community Hall.


page 4

Meet The Bridge

Ralph Hodd - Editor


I was born on the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in a little dot on the map called Harrington Harbour, (Lat 50 50’ N Lo 59 15’ W), population 500 on a good day. Harrington Harbour is a group of small islands where life is dictated by the weather and the sea. My father was the local doctor plying 300 miles of the coast, by boat in the summer and by dog team in the winter. I played in small boats in the summer and jumped on saltwater pans better known as “belly-katters” in the winter. Life revolved around the sea.

When I was ten years old, my father decided to not renew his contract with the Grenfell Mission and we moved to Blyth, Ontario. This was a totally new experience for me. I saw my first sugar maple tree and I swam in Lake Huron every summer. However, four years after moving to Ontario, my father relocated back to Harrington where he remained as the doctor until he retired at age 72. I, however, was to leave for boarding school at the tender age of fourteen as there was only a primary school in Harrington. My teen-age summers were spent in Harrington, most of the time in boats and working summer jobs.


My next opportunity to be on the water didn’t come until I was well into my thirties, when I acquired a wonderful, twin keel, Westerley, Centaur. She was a great little boat that I bought in St. Anthony, Newfoundland one summer and sailed down the east coast of Newfoundland to St. Johns; with no more than a road map and a book of harbour information. The weather was wonderful and we - the previous owner, my son and myself – sometimes sailed at night. It took six days! When we crossed Conception Bay, the radio announced that Margaret Trudeau was pregnant for the first time - “a coincidence,” you say? From there I shipped her out to Lake Ontario where I spent seven years sailing around, with one memorable trip through the Thousand Islands.


The boat was replaced by a hobby farm north of Toronto, and the only contact I was to have with the sea would be on rental sailboats, complete with skippers, when Joyce and I went on vacation. We enjoyed sailing very much. Joyce’s first ever encounter with sailing was when we went on our honeymoon to the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. I took an awful chance inviting a “land lubber” for two weeks on a 42 foot sailboat. But, all the Greek gods were with me on that trip and Joyce also fell in love with sailing.


Our dream was to move to Vancouver Island and to buy a sailboat. Our dream has come true. You can see a picture of Smilin’ Seagull at the squadron website under “Boats and Owners”.


Joyce and I are pleased to produce the Beacon for the Squadron. This is truly a joint effort, with Joyce doing the editing, layout, paste-up, and coordinating of articles. My efforts include information gathering, printing, circulation and mailing. Between the two of us we expend approximately 30 hours every issue. I hope you enjoy reading the Beacon as much as we enjoy producing it.


Ralph Hodd


page 5

Training Department Status Report


FALL 2002


Boating Graduation took place on January 13th, with all 28 students who sat the exam - graduating.




Boating Classes started on Tues, Jan 14th with a full complement of 30 students and with Doug Mitchell and Ted Meadley instructing. Ron Harris is again instructing a couple of topics. Chief proctor Les Orr is joined by proctors Jim Dawson, Ron Harris and two new SPS members, Randy Little and David Work. A class visit to the Canadian Hydrographic Services chart publication offices took place on February 20th. Student cruise briefing was on March 4th in Parkland School auditorium with the student cruise to Otter Bay on Sunday, March 9th. Final exams are on Apr 15th


Marine VHF will be available on Tues, April 22nd.

Three external students have expressed interest in taking this course.


Piloting Class commenced on Wed, Jan 8th with 9 students, including three from other squadrons. Course exam is on April 9th.


Graduation for these winter courses is on May 12th.


FALL 2003


Sixteen students have pre-registered for the fall Boating class.


“How to be an Excellent Crew Member” course as conceived by former Youth Officer, Barbara Bond was delivered on March 4th at Parkland School with 20 people registered to attend. This new course is targeted at member’s families and Boating Course student’s families (including children over 12) who have not taken a boating course for what ever reason. Thanks go to Barbara Bond for course preparation and delivery and Sita Pillay for course registration.


John C. Hudson, STO




Spring 2003 - Student Cruise


Well I think we all thought the cruise would be cancelled, looking out side on that Saturday evening before the Spring Cruise. I, myself thought of canceling the cruise before I spoke with Doug Mitchell who had a little more faith in the weather than I. Sunday morning the weather was much improved - a little rain, and even that stopped shortly after we were underway, with only a few light showers throughout the day.


Our fire extinguisher lesson that is normally done in conjunction with the Pender Island Volunteer Fire Department and Cliff Cunningham was cancelled by the Fire Department, as they were lacking volunteers. We are hoping that this is only a one time only occurrence.


I would like to thank Ken and Joan Clarke for there docking instructions, and Bill and Gay Miller for there anchoring demonstration.


A special "Thanks" to all the Skippers and Proctors for donating their time and their vessels.


"Thank You" all those people who donated their time and support to make the Spring 2003 Student Cruise such a success.


Martin Russell

Student Cruise Captain

ATO-Student Cruise


page 6

Training Article - Weather Quiz

This month’s educational article is a quiz on “weather terms” taken from the CPS Fundamentals of Weather course. If you have any difficulty answering these questions correctly, this excellent course is available to you. Unfortunately the last one had to be postponed due to a lack of sufficient registration but it will be offered again.


Answers to the quiz can be found on page 15.

  1. What is the cause of Advection Fog, and how does it disperse?

  2. What is the cause of Radiation Fog, and how does it disperse?

  3. What is a Sea Breeze and how is it formed?

  4. What is a Land Breeze and how is it formed?

  5. What is the Coriolis Effect and what is its effect on weather systems?

  6. What is an Occlusion?



Membership Report

A big welcome for the latest boating class members! They are:

Robert ANTHONY, Len and Dawna BURTON, Ken CARPENTER, Janice HAYWARD, Tony KLUGE, Roy LASCHUK, James MILBRATH, Douglas OLSON, Lori PELTO, Scott SCHOLEFIELD, Keith and Kenneth STEPHEN, William WALTERS.


Also a huge HURRAH! to new members Paul DOWNIE, Joe DuQUESNAY, Randy LITTLE, Daryl MOWAT, and Sandra PENNIE. We are happy to have you aboard.


I am currently editing our database for the new Roster which will be coming out shortly. Please forward any changes to me and don't forget to send our webmaster a picture of your boat for our website.


Cathy Campbell , Membership Officer



page 7

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons

Training in Recreational Boating

Vancouver Island South




TO:         The Members of Vancouver Island South District Power & Sail Squadrons.




TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting of VISD will be held in the dining room of the Sooke Community Hall, 2037 Eustace St., (across from Sooke Canadian Legion Hall) Sooke B.C., on Saturday, May 10, 2003, at 1315 to 1630, for the purposes of:


                    (a) approving the Minutes of the previous AGM, May 11, 2002


                    (b) receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Reports of the Officers of the District


                    (c) receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Financial Statements of the District for the

                        twelve-month period ending March 31, 2003, and the Report of the District Auditor thereon


                    (d) considering and, if thought fit, adopting the following resolution(s):

                          (any Resolution(s) that may be submitted)


                    (e) election of the District Officers


                    (f) appointing the Squadron Auditor


                    (g) considering further and other business as may properly come before the Meeting.


The Report of the District Nominating Committee is attached to, and forms part of, this Notice. Under District Regulation 12.1, any further nominations must be made by way of a petition, in writing, signed by not less than 5 Members of the District who shall confirm the consent of their nominee to stand for election. The petition must be filed with the District Secretary not less than two days prior to the date of the meeting at which such election shall take place.



DATED this…………25……………day of………February…………………2003



                                        P/D/Lt/C Shirley Hamilton …..for….. D/Lt Linda Larsson

                                                                                                                District Secretary


page 8

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons

Vancouver Island South District


Report of District Nominating Committee

February 28, 2003


All Members of Vancouver Island South District, please be advised:


1. The District Nominating Committee nominates the following Members for election as District Officers for 2003/2004 :


District Commander:                     (D/C) Don Lassey (Sooke)

District Executive Officer:            (D/Lt/C) Linda Larsson (Brentwood Bay)

District Training Officer:              (D/Lt/C) Barrie Gilbertson (Victoria)

District Administrative Officer:  (D/Lt/C) Shirley Hamilton (Victoria)

District Secretary:                          (D/Lt) Henry Frew (Victoria)

District Treasurer :                        (D/Lt) Ed McNulty (Victoria)


The District Nominating Committee also nominates the following Members for election as District Officers with the rank of District Lieutenant; who, if elected, will have the duties indicated next to their names assigned to them by the District Executive Committee pursuant to District Regulation 6.2.1(a):


Assistant District Training Officer:     (D/Lt) Norman Price (Oak Bay)

Assistant District Training Officer:     (D/Lt) Henry Frew (Victoria)

Youth Education Officer:                     (D/Lt) Len Fallan (Brentwood Bay)

Supply Officer:                                      (D/Lt) Pat Moar (Victoria)


(Hydrographic & Weather) Officer:   (D/Lt) Peter Browning (Juan de Fuca)

Public Relations Officer:                     (D/Lt) Myra Simpson (Victoria)

Membership Officer:                            (D/Lt) Harold Page (Victoria)

Roster Editor:                                        (DA-t) Grant Jannaway (Oak Bay)

Communications Officer -WEB:         (D/Lt) tba

Environment Officer:                           (D/Lt) George Winn (Saanich Peninsula)

Canadian Coast Guard Liaison:         (D/Lt) Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula)

Port Captain:                                         (D/Lt) Myra Simpson (Victoria)


3. The District Nominating Committee also nominates the following Member for appointment by the Members as Auditor of the District:


                                                                Howard Platt


4. The District Nominating Committee advises that, if elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following Members as staff officers with the rank of Staff Lieutenant:


BoatPro Officer:                                Lesley Head (Saanich Peninsula)

VHF Officer:                                      Barrie Gilbertson (Victoria)

Roster Advertising Coordinator:   George Silvestrini (Oak Bay)

Safe Boating Award Coordinator: Lorenda Franklen (Juan De Fuca)

Assistant Supply Officer:                Darroll Westover (Victoria)

Historian:                                           Shirley Hamilton (Victoria)

Telephone Answering Service:      Helen Louwerse (Saanich Peninsula)

Assistant Youth Education Officer: Ian King (Saanich Peninsula)


5. The District Nominating Committee advises that, if elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following District Executive Members to secondary duties:


Vancouver Island North Dist.Liaison:    D/C Don Lassey (Sooke)

PMD Liaison and USPS Liaison:              P/D/C Peter Jennings (Victoria)


6. The District Nominating Committee also advises that:

a. the following Member will serve on the District Executive Committee and the District Council by virtue of his position as immediate Past District Commander, and does not require election or appointment:


                                                            P/D/C Peter Jennings (Victoria)


b. pursuant to District Regulation 9.15.1, the following Members will serve on the District Nominating Committee for 2003/2004 by virtue of their position, and do not require election or appointment:


                                                            D/C Don Lassey (Sooke)

                                                            P/D/C Peter Jennings (Victoria) – Chairman

                                                            P/D/C Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula)


Respectfully submitted,


PIDIC Ken Clarke,                         P/D/C John Bishop,                         D/C Peter Jennings

    Chair                                                     Member                                                 Member


page 9



For the Registration Form click on

You will notice the icon in the top left hand corner. Click on it and the Registration Form will appear.


For further information regarding the AGM Click on  and you will find a moving line of info running across the site above D/C Peter Jenning’s head. Click anywhere on that moving line and it will bring up the Program, Registration Form and Itinerary.



A young man named Jack received a parrot as a gift from an old sea captain who died. The parrot had a bad attitude and an even worse vocabulary. Every word out of the bird's mouth was rude, racist, sexist or profane. Jack tried and tried to change the bird's attitude by constantly saying polite words, playing soft music, and anything he could think of to teach the bird some manners, but no matter what he did, nothing worked.


Finally, one day, Jack got fed up with the bird and yelled at it. The bird yelled back. Jack shook the parrot, the bird got angrier and ruder and swore at Jack calling him rude names. In a moment of desperation, Jack said “I can’t put up with this any longer, into the brig with you! Maybe that is something you will understand” and he put the bird in the refrigerator freezer on top of the frozen food. For a few minutes, Jack heard the bird squawk, kick and scream.....then suddenly there was quiet. Not a peep for over a minute.


Fearing that he had hurt the bird, Jack opened the freezer door. The parrot calmly stepped out onto Jack's arm and said, "I believe I may have offended you with my rude language and demeanor. I am truly sorry, and I will do everything to correct my poor behavior."


Jack was astonished at the bird's change of attitude. As he was about to ask the parrot what had brought about this dramatic change of behavior, the bird continued, "May I respectfully ask what the chicken did?"


page 10

Saanich Peninsula Squadron

Notice of Annual General Meeting


TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting

 Saanich Peninsula Squadron


will be held at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, 1949 Marina Way, Sidney, BC

on 5 May 2003 at 1900.




    (a)  receiving and, if thought fit, approving the reports of the Officers of   the Squadron


    (b)  receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Financial Statements of the   Squadron for the

          twelve month period ending March 31, 2003, and the   Report of the Squadron Auditor thereon


    (c)  electing the Officers of the Squadron


    (d)  appointing the Squadron Auditor


    (e)  considering such further business as may properly come before the   Meeting



The Report of the Squadron Nominating Committee is attached to and forms part of this Notice.  Under Squadron Regulation 12.1, any further nominations must be made by way of a petition in writing, signed by not less than 5 Members of this Squadron who shall confirm the consent of the nominee to stand for election.  The petition must be filed with the Squadron Secretary not less than 2 days prior to the date of this Meeting.




DATED  this……...…….4th…………….day of………………..March, 2003




Rundi Koppang                                                                  Ken Reeves

Secretary                                                                              Squadron Commander


page 11

Saanich Peninsula Squadron

2003 Nominating Committee report


The Squadron Nominating Committee nominates the following Members

for election as Squadron Officers for 2003/2004:

Commander (Cdr) Cdr Lesley Head
Executive Officer (Lt/C) tba
Training Officer (Lt/C)  Lt/C Ian King
Assistant Training Officer 1st Lt Ron Harris
Course Registrar tba
ATO — Chief Instructor 1st Lt Doug Mitchell
ATO — Chief Proctor 1st Lt Ray Scott
ATO — Student Cruise 1st Lt Martin Russell
Treasurer 1st Lt George Winn
Secretary tba
Membership Officer tba
Public Relations Officer tba
Supply Officer 1st Lt Dick Cotton
Editor, Beacon 1st Lt Ralph Hodd
Social Cruise Master tba
Communications Officer tba
Webmaster 1st Lt Peter Payerl
Environmental Officer 1st Lt George Winn
MAREP Officer tba
Port Captain tba
Archivist 1st Lt Ralph Hodd


The Squadron Nominating Committee also nominates the following Member for appointment as Auditor of the Squadron:

Brenna Litwack, 370 Wain Rd, Sidney, BC V8L 5P9


The Squadron Nominating Committee advises that the following Member will serve on the Squadron Executive Committee for the next year by virtue of his position as immediate Past Commander, and does not require election or appointment:

Past Commander (P/Cdr) Cdr Ken Reeves


Pursuant to Squadron Regulations the following Members will serve on the Squadron Nominating Committee for 2003/2004 by virtue of their positions, and do not require election or appointment:

Past Commander, Chair Ken Reeves

Commander Lesley Head

Past Past Commander Diana McBratney


Respectfully submitted:


P/Cdr Diana McBratney        Chair Cdr Lesley Head         Lt/C John Hudson


page 12

Plan to Come Cruising


Our 8th annual shakedown cruise with other boaters takes place this coming Easter Weekend. Bring along a ceramic heater if your boat doesn’t have a furnace, and an extension cord to hook up to shore power.


This is your opportunity to meet up with the nicest people! Sure, we are a bit crazy, going out on the waters this early, but we can attest to the fact that the weather usually co-operates. We usually have cool but sunny days. You will be glad you came along! For those who haven’t ventured far from Sidney, let us know, we would be happy to travel together en route.


The plan is to go to Genoa Bay Marina for Friday night, April 18th and Telegraph Harbour (Thetis Island) Saturday & Sunday nights, April 19th & 20th .


For those who wish to do so, book dinner at the Grapevine Cafe for Friday night. We will have a Pot Luck supper on Saturday night for those who wish to participate. Sunday we will do our own thing, on our own boat, for dinner.


For those who don’t want to miss church, there are several members who walk up to the community church for the Easter service. Also, those who must work on Monday will head back to Sidney a day earlier. (Sunday)


If you are interested in joining us for this early cruise, I would appreciate a phone call 656-5190 or e-mail  so we will have some idea of attendance.


Due to the Marinas’ policies of booking ahead and prepaying, you will be responsible for calling them to arrange moorage, on your own. Don’t leave it too late, or you may not get a spot. Also, the restaurant is very popular, so you need to book well in advance to be sure to get dinner there. It is wonderful!


Genoa Bay Marina 1-250-746-7621 or toll free 1-800-572-6481

Telegraph Harbour Marina 1-250-246-9511

Grapevine Restaurant (Genoa Bay) 1-250-746-0797 e-mail


Gay Miller - (stand in Social Cruisemaster)


page 13

Training Department...Quiz Answers


1) Advection Fog: Fog caused generally by the transportation of warm, moist air over a cold surface but, less commonly, can also form by cold air flowing across a warmer water surface. This fog will not disperse with the sun’s heat but will exist in winds up to 12 knots or if a wind shift changes the direction of the warm air flow.


2) Radiation Fog: Fog caused when the lower layers of the air are cooled to the dew point, by contact with a surface which is radiating heat back into space after sunset. In a complete calm, only dew will form, but with a light breeze, the resultant mixture will create a shallow layer of fog. This fog will lift into low stratus cloud or even disperse with more than a few knots of wind or the warming effect of the sun heating the ground.

3) Sea Breeze: A local wind which blows from water to land, caused by a circulation set up by daytime heating of the land surface causing air to rise, the air being replaced by air drawn from over the sea.

4) Land Breeze: The reverse of a sea breeze. Rapid cooling of the land after sunset creates a relatively higher pressure (cooled air is denser and as a consequence heavier) and a weak flow of air from land to sea.

5) Coriolis Effect: The apparent deflection of wind due to the rotation of the earth. The effect varies with the speed of the wind and also with latitude, being zero at the equator. The deflection is to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere. This is why in the Northern Hemisphere air trying to enter a low pressure area is deflected to the right, generating an anticlockwise motion and air trying to leave a high pressure area, also being deflected to the right generates a clockwise motion. This low and high pressure wind direction is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.


6) Occlusion: A term used when the cold front of a depression catches up with the warm front, squeezing the warm sector clear of the surface.


page 14



FOR SALE: Two burner kerosene stove in new condition.

Please contact Ralph Hodd at 250-652-1715 or email


FOR SALE: Command Bridge 28 ft. Spirit Powerboat (1985 ) - $40,000

Twin I/O Volvos, V6, power winch, built in Vacuum, Nova Kool Fridge/freezer, Constavolt (battery charger), new 200 ft chain rode 1/4" Hi Tensile, New 10 kg Bruce anchor, complete canvas on Bridge and in Stern, 8 ft Horizon dinghy, propane stove with oven, built in 110v heater, bus heater, 4 new batteries, New Furuno GPS, VHF radio, depth sounder, stereo, new marine head with holding tank, and new macerator, hot water, Propane sniffer with shut-off solenoid. Click here for picture Charlotte Time

Please contact Gay Miller 250-656-5190 or email


FOR SALE: Lynnwood 28’ solid fiberglass cruiser—$18,500 or best offer. Low hours 352 Windsor Ford engine. Holding tank with macerator. Power windlass, 1800W Honda AC generator 100V, inflatable dingy (about 7.5’) plus an 8’ tender with a 3.5hp Evinrude. Clean. Sleeps 6. 5% discount to CPS members.

Please contact Nevio 250-652-1725


WANTED:    Sail boat close to the following:

Length Overall:

30 to 34 feet

Date of Manufacture:





Diesel—inboard only


Sloop rigged


Heater, holding tank

Cabin under cockpit


NOT interested in pilot house, center-board keels, yawls, ketches, gaff, cutter or cat rigged.

John Hudson (250)655-3653 or

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the heck happened.