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September 2003



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Looking out his window Paul saw a man lying motionless on his dock. Running to the man's aid he noticed two broken water skies on the dock. As he drew closer he noticed the man had abrasions cuts and scrapes all over his body. One leg was twisted in a way that would indicate that it was broken.


Kneeling over the man Paul asked, "What happened?"


The skier replied, "I don't know I just got here myself!"


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The Beacon

Volume 33 Number 5      September 2003

The Official Newsletter of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron

A Unit of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons



Cdr Lesley Head 704-0325


Executive Officer Lt/C Gay Miller 656-5190 executive

Training Officer

Lt/C Ian King



Asst. Training Officer

1st Lt Ron Harris 656-8881


ATO - Chief Instructor

1st Lt Doug Mitchell



ATO - Chief Proctor

1st Lt Randy Little



ATO - Course Registrar  

1st Lt Colin Nicholson



ATO - Student Cruise

1st Lt Martin Russell




1st Lt George Winn




1st Lt Kathy McDougall



Membership Officer

1st Lt Lorri Pelto



Public Relations Officer

1st Robert Anthony



Supply Officer

1st Lt Dick Cotton



Administrative Assistant 1st Lt Jim Milbrath 655-0747 administrativeassistant
Beacon Editor 1st Lt Ralph Hodd 652-1715 editor
Archivist 1st Lt Ralph Hodd 652-1715 archivist

Communications Officer

1st Lt Tony Kluge



Environment Officer

1st Lt George Winn



MAREP Officer

1st Lt Len Burton




1st Lt Peter Payerl



Social Cruisemaster

1st Lt Ray Scott



Port Captain

1st Lt Len Burton



Special Events

1st Lt Bill Walters




*All email addresses are


Meetings of the Squadron Executive Committee (the Bridge) are normally held on the third THURSDAY of each month at 1930 in the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, except in July and December. All members of the Squadron are welcome to attend.


The Beacon is our official newsletter. Members with articles or information should send material to the Editor before the 15th of each month.


We also maintain a website . We suggest you check the site regularly for notices of upcoming events, classified ads, etc. 


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Commander's Comments


Wow, another summer season almost gone. Right now it is the middle of August and I am writing this article for September's issue of the Beacon. Summer has gone quickly and so many things have happened during that time.


As some of you know, Dan Dobson at Hydrographics passed on this summer, rather suddenly. He had helped me out getting all the charts together for the trip south from Prince Rupert. He had also been a large help to Len Burton, our MAREP officer. He was a most pleasant and helpful individual. Deaths as untimely as this make us realize how vulnerable we can all be.


I was contacted, in my capacity as Boat Pro Officer for the District, by the North Olympic Power Squadron to do a promotional day for US and Canada relations. Their squadron has been granted a Recognized Provider status by National, so that they can administer the PCOC classes and exams. As most of their members cruise the Canadian waters , they felt it would be handy to take the course and get the card. We met on a wonderfully sunny day at Oak Bay and then moved to the Inner Harbour to do a photo shoot and get down to the finer points of teaching the course. They have submitted an article and pictures to their National publication The Ensign and there we will be in print in the fall.


I had the great opportunity to run the new old boat "Dagan" down from Prince Rupert along with Ian. He kept us running and afloat under the circumstances. And I have decided to write a little article about our adventure.


Our training dept is getting in gear for the fall courses and those dates, etc. will be sent out electronically or by phone closer to the starting date.


On a personal note , my daughter Jamie got married, and I became a mother-in-law as well as a step-grandma for the first time.


I hope that I don't live up to some of the horrid reports that one hears of these MILs. Some of you know Jamie as she took the Boating and VHF Course a few years back.. She grew up on the water and still says that the happiest time in her childhood was when she was on the water.


Some of you may be aware that National is attempting to replace Brian Burch, the Executive Director in Toronto. They are, as I write, holding a vote with all the Districts for approval to spend up to $50,000 to hire head hunters, pay for national advertising and pay travel and relocation fees if necessary. I, as your Commander, sent in my "No" vote. As National claims that we are in desperate need of more money I felt that there were other ways to go about manning this position. Anyone wishing further information about these issues can give me a call and I'll fill you in as to what has been going on.


Well that’s about it for now. I am writing some other articles, so time is short. I hope to see you on the water and in the classroom soon.


Lesley Head - Commander


P.S. There is a new traffic scheme coming into effect in Victoria and Esquimalt Harbours. For further information contact Commander Lesley Head at 704-0325 or e-mail


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"The Good Old Titanic"


Arriving at port the fishing boat captain was approached by one of his new crewmen.


"Captain, sir ", said the young fellow," I would like to introduce you to my Great Aunt Mary." After exchanging pleasantries the crewman and his aunt left.


The next morning while preparing to leave port the crewman thanked the captain for his time with his aunt. "She loves boats", said the crewman, "You know all my life growing up she told me many stories of when she was on the Titanic!"


"Are you telling me that your aunt survived the sinking of the Titanic?!!"; exclaimed the shocked captain.


"Wow!" said the crewman, "that's why your the captain, sir. All those years and that's one question I never thought to asked her!".

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Calendar of Events

Sep 5 - 7

Cruise to Montague Harbour Marina - Park - anchor out - rafting.

Sep 2

Registration and first class will be at North Saanich School. September 9th - thirteen week Boating Course begins. Prior registration with the Squadron Training Officer, Ian King at Training

Sep  18

Bridge meeting, 1930 at SNSYC - everyone welcome


Most of the marinas require prior registration by boat owners and may request a credit card number. The exception is Otter Bay, where the Squadron must register all boats - call the Cruisemaster. When making marina reservations for the above cruises, please also call the Cruisemaster at 250-656-4828 or e-mail to advise him of your plans.





How to properly attach your boat to the dock will be covered in the Boating Course.



As we have seen in previous issues, docking seems to be a major problem.

page 5







Swiftsure Bank—Juan de Fuca Strait


There is an increased risk of collision while engaged in fishing in the area of buoy Juliet Northward locally known as “The Chicken Ranch”. This buoy is located at 48 29’ 36.8” N 125 00’ 00” W. Buoy Juliet has been placed in its current position to mark the entrance to the new traffic separation scheme (TSS) that was jointly developed by U.S. and Canadian Authorities and came into effect on December 1st 2002. While fishing in the outbound traffic lane you will continue to experience deep-sea vessels transiting through your immediate area. Please refer to the chartlet provided in this package as well as the background information relating to the establishment of the TSS.


Rule 10 of the Collision Regulations (COLREGS) prohibits vessels engaged in fishing, sailing vessels, and vessels of less than 20 meters from impeding the safe passage of a power-driven vessel that is following a traffic lane. The “do not impede” provisions of Rule 10 enhance the order, predictability, and safety of vessel movements.


Tofino Marine Communications and Traffic Services (MCTS) currently provides vessel traffic information to outbound and inbound participating vessels that includes information on various types of fishing activity (when this activity is brought to their attention or when they are able to observe the radar signatures of such activity on their monitors). Tofino MCTS will also provide a "Vessel Transit Broadcast" on Channel 74, 13, and 6 (as circumstances dictate) to alert non participating vessels (such as sport fishing vessels) of the movements of participating vessels (such as deep-sea vessels). If you intend to fish in a traffic lane, it is recommended that you advise Tofino MCTS ("Tofino Traffic") on Channel 74, and then continue to monitor that channel. To mitigate the risk of collision, all vessels are required to comply with Rule 10 of the Collision Regulations and not impede the progress of outbound (or inbound) transiting vessels if you are fishing in a traffic lane.


For more information regarding this notice contact:

David Heap, Superintendent, Marine Communications and Traffic Services Pacific

Telephone: 250 363-8922


July 15, 2003

Official document - Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Coast Guard


page 6

Training Department—Why Courses Help!


You may know that the Commander and I have just picked up and delivered to Deep Cove, our new old boat from Prince Rupert. May I say here that any and all are welcome to visit and see her and the work in progress. You just have to have a suggestion or two - we are new at this.


To continue, this trip would not, and could not have happened if not for training and experience. A lot was gained from courses in the squadron, from members and work experience. Boating for many years on salt and fresh water helped tremendously also.


Some Problems For Example:


Marine Electronics - This helped, as there was no power at all on this boat! No charging, 12 or 32 volts. Only one battery, which was a car battery, and that would only start just the engine.


Marine Maintenance - To even try and come up with how she works may have been impossible to say the least, without some of this knowledge. Nothing worked, not even the engine. It took four days of work and rooting around to get the engine to fire. We had to leave the next day but one.


Boating and AP - got us the charts, and capability to use them, to get home through 5-1/2 days. Charts and tides became very important, as we traveled over 500 nautical miles and through a gale, with problems every day from different things. We would have anchored but the hydraulics did not function, as there was water in the system. The water had been pumped through the system by the prior owner. We managed to find dockage for her every night. (We ran sun up to sun down).


Fire - became a forefront concern when the 12-volt alternator started to seize and burn, made worse by the fan belt that burnt and tied up everything. Venting the engine room was very important. All this as we were trying to get a dock!

Forethought was important too as the reverse gear was hit and miss, always getting us onto the dock though (more or less) until at home, and then it did not work at all. Maybe she did not like going up on that rock ten feet from her new home/dock.


The Commander is writing a short summary of the events. Look out for the facts in the next Beacon.


Ian King - Training Officer


page 7

Social Cruisemaster’s Report


The Squadron's cruise to Ganges was fairly well attended, by seven boats. Ganges is an interesting and busy place with floatplanes and mega yachts coming and going, as well as the “Saturday Market”.

We enjoyed two “Happy Hours” and a “Potluck Dinner” on the dock in an area specially built for that purpose.


The boats and crews attending were:

Gavia - Campbell & Linda Black

Legasea - Ken & Joan Clarke

Lorelei - Eric & Pat Fisher & Mary

Panache - Ray & Joyce Berry

Stealth - John Hudson & Carolyn

The Patriot - Ray Scott

Y.A.S.N.Y. - Darlene Davis & Linda & Judy

Ganges Harbour


By the time you read this, the Telegraph Harbor cruise will be history, but I expect a larger turnout than previous cruises.


A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water.


No one has more driving ambition than the man who wants to buy a boat.


There are no new sins.....the old ones just get more publicity.


page 8

Training Status Report


Sorry this seems to be late but there are mitigating circumstances! Myself, I have been looking to the classes and the burnt-out school, and managing to get classes arranged in two schools for fall and spring, North Saanich School and Parklands.  Our coffeepot also seems to have bit the dust in the fire. We have funds allotted for the replacement and Colin Nicholson will look after this.


Teachers for the Boating Course are looked after by Doug Mitchell and Ted Meadley. Seamanship Sail will be taught by Ron Harris and Colin Nicholson; they could also teach Advanced Piloting and higher if people are interested and would like to take these courses. Colin would prefer to teach JN or N but there are, at this time, no takers for these courses. Mrs. Nicholson, Colin’s good lady, has offered to look after the coffee this year. We hope the squadron members would come out and have a break with us at the school - offer some guidance to the students!


We have proctors for the boating class and teachers for advanced courses, however we would like to have Weather and Marine Maintenance as a course to be offered in the spring. As always, we look to the members who have passed these courses and have some time available to teach. Some background in that particular field would be most advantageous too.


I do apologize to any and all members who have not been called for proctoring or teaching, and who have not been kept up-to-date with our training arrangements. I only have a very limited list of names.


I am sorry if any of my doings offend. I am aware that I have been misunderstood and people are not aware of what has been going on. Everything has been done by myself with you, the member/student, in mind.


Our Squadron and our boating teachers have a very high standard indeed, and I would hope I can assist in furthering this standard. I hope in my small way I have furthered the teaching department of SPS and made things a little easier.


Ian King - Training Officer




The course Seamanship Sail will be offered starting September 2. Details will be posted on the SPS website. There is room for 15 students. Please contact Course Registrar, Colin Nicholson at 656-5085 or e-mail

page 9

Vancouver Island South District

Gathering at Otter Bay Marina


August 8-10, 2003


Our Squadron was well represented at “The Gathering”. The weather was a little cooler, but it was good to meet up with our friends in this and other Squadrons in the District.


We had a good BBQ steak dinner, with corn on the cob, and members brought delicious salads and desserts to add to the feast. We visited, some played field games, and others read or relaxed. Several boats from District 16 in Washington joined in. There were 60 people there, with 14 of them from our Squadron.


Present were:


Dorian 1 - Mo Robertson & Bob Parkinson

Et Tu - Joyce & Bill Morrow

Legasea - Joan & Ken Clarke

Panache - Joyce & Ray Berry

Senga - Agnes Simpson & son, John (from a mainland squadron)

Tanqueray - Ruth & Bob Jones


Mary Hunter stayed in a Bed & Breakfast nearby. Gay & Bill Miller attended by VW Westfalia, camping in the parking lot, as they are without a boat right now!


These events are a lot of fun. If you have a problem with your boat, there is usually someone else there who has run up against the same problem. There’s a wealth of information available, as we find out in our conversations.


We are a friendly group of people with a common interest, so think about joining us next year.


Gay Miller - Executive Officer

page 10

Report on Canada / U.S. PCOC Courses


Friends Across the Strait


In the spring of this year, Vancouver Island South District was contacted by Chris Muir, Safety and Boat-Pro Officer for the North Olympic (WA) Squadron in regards to the Boat Pro course. Thanks to his Past Commander Hank David, theirs is the first Squadron in the US to be providing this course to their members. His messages were eventually sent along to me. He was interested in doing a cross-border goodwill story and also required a little assistance with the handling of the course. After numerous e-mails and telephone calls we were able to get together for a photo shoot as well as some time to discuss the course.


I am fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. Just a little north of Victoria on Vancouver Island, I both work on and around the waters of the Gulf Islands. I have been a member of Power Squadron since the early eighties and am currently Commander of the Saanich Squadron as well as the District Boat Pro Officer. Through my company “Heads-Up Navigation” as a recognized Provider, I have licensed, given courses to, and examined over 1000 people in this area since the start of the PCOC.


Chris, his Commander, Ted and I decided to meet at Oak Bay, where they would bring up two or three other vessels and we would do an on-the-water shoot. Unfortunately for them, their boats did not arrive and they came over from the US on the Coho Ferry into Victoria Harbour. After arriving at Oak Bay we all went back to Victoria on the "Special K", Ian's boat. Ian is Lt/Cdr. Ian King of the Saanich Squadron, and also my partner.


We four spent a wonderful afternoon taking photos and talking about the course. I took some of my training materials and sent a video along later on. Ian took digital photos and Chris, in return sent me all the photos he took and then sent along an article to the Ensign along with our pictures. The Ensign is the American version of our Port Hole. He recently e-mailed me that the article was accepted and we would be "famous".


Throughout this whole endeavour it was wonderful that we were able to work as a unit to make the event happen. They felt that this was a unique opportunity and that others in the US should be aware of what could be done with a little work. Our cross-border relations here in BC went up a whole notch again.


I am looking forward to reading his article and to meeting up with Chris and Commander Ted again when we are out cruising.


Lesley Head, Commander


page 11

Editor's Corner


Once again the summer is screeching to a halt as business resumes, children are back to school and, for most of us, the holidays are over. Not so for this happy sailor however. Joyce and I did our “duty visit” back east this summer and have seen all the family and friends who reside in Ontario and Quebec and almost Newfoundland. We endured traffic jams (we were in Toronto during the Rolling Stones SARS concert) heat, humidity, pollution, flies, mosquitoes, the black-out and the Air Canada fiasco. It took us no less than three days to travel home. Never has it felt so good to be back on our Pacific Island. Now, as soon as the Beacon is put to bed, we are off for a week of sailing in our beautiful waters. Having traveled our country from coast to coast this summer we were struck by the fact that we truly live in the best part of Canada in every possible aspect. It simply doesn’t get any better!


I would like to thank those contributing authors for their promptness in delivering their articles and reports in such a timely fashion. As always, without you who contribute stories and information, the Beacon would be slim to say the least. I would like to encourage anyone with a story to tell to please send it along to


Ralph Hodd - Editor


If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you are old.


page 12



WANTED: A volunteer to construct a suitable locked box to house the coffee urn. Please contact Commander Lesley Head at 704-0325 or e-mail


WANTED: Boat Rental of 27 ft or so sailboat. Retired educator who passed the CPS Boating Course in 1990 and has had extensive sailing experience wants to rent a boat on a per diem basis. Please contact Theo Meijer at (250) 656-9772 or e-mail

FOR SALE: 24 ft Sailboat - requires some TLC 656-5717 or


FOR SALE: 60 feet of anchor chain 5/16—$60.00. Please contact Mary Hunter at 658-8715

FOR SALE: Sealand portable/permanent toilet - $85.00 Has a 5 gallon holding tank capacity and may be used as a portable head or installed permanently with pump-out overboard or to larger holding tank. Call Dick cotton at (250) 385-5223


FOR SALE: Garmin GPS Map 210 including two G Charts: 1) Nanaimo to Bute Inlet and 2) Puget Sound to Gulf Islands) plus Lowrance 3500 Depth Sounder (No transducer) Package Deal. Contact Jan or Shelley Nielsen at 250-656-1959 or e-mail


PERSONALS:  I'm a nice, old guy with a 26 ft power boat who is looking for a companion, preferably female, who would enjoy joining me for some boating excursions.  Please call Ray Scott 250-656-4828 or e-mail


Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.