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The Beacon

Volume 34 Number 2      February - March2004

The Official Newsletter of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron

A Unit of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons



Cdr Lesley Head 704-0325


Executive Officer Lt/C Gay Miller 656-5190 executive

Training Officer

Lt/C Ian King



Asst. Training Officer

1st Lt Ron Harris 656-8881


ATO - Course Registrar  

1st Lt Colin Nicholson



ATO - Student Cruise

1st Lt Martin Russell




1st Lt George Winn




1st Lt Kathy McDougall



Membership Officer

1st Lt Lorri Pelto



Public Relations Officer

1st Lt Robert Anthony



Supply Officer

1st Lt Dick Cotton



Administrative Assistant 1st Lt Jim Milbrath 655-0747 administrativeassistant
Beacon Editor 1st Lt Ralph Hodd 652-1715 editor
Archivist 1st Lt Ralph Hodd 652-1715 archivist

Communications Officer

1st Lt Tony Kluge



Environment Officer

1st Lt George Winn



MAREP Officer

1st Lt Len Burton




1st Lt Anne McKinnell



Social Cruisemaster

Position vacant - volunteer required


Special Events

1st Lt Bill Walters




*All email addresses are


Meetings of the Squadron Executive Committee (the Bridge) are normally held on the third THURSDAY of each month at 1930 in the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, except in July and December. All members of the Squadron are welcome to attend.


The Beacon is our official newsletter. Members with articles or information should send material to the Editor before the 15th of each month.


We also maintain a website . We suggest you check the site regularly for notices of upcoming events, classified ads, etc. 


Commander’s Comments

Hello Again,

Here we are three quarters of the way through the spring Boating class and Advanced Piloting. The Student cruise is over and the exams lay ahead. Flowers and trees are blooming and all is right with our little part of the world! Many of you are starting that enjoyable task of restocking the boat, and for those of you who are no longer boating, warmer days may include brisk walks or lots of quiet moments in the garden. No matter what you may be doing, Thank heaven it’s Spring!

As I think back on what is almost a year now as the Squadron Commander, I realize that lots has happened. Our Boating course is now on Power Point for computer application. A big thanks must go out to Ron Harris and his wife Janice Hayward for all the time and effort they have put into each of these presentations. We offered Seamanship Sail and Advanced Piloting this past year, two courses that had not been offered for quite some time. Thanks go out to Colin Nicholson and Cliff Cunningham for making these courses run so smoothly. Our Coffee Lady, Lorraine Nicholson has been a big hit with all of her home-made goodies. It will be a hard act to follow! We ran courses in two different schools this year. The students really enjoyed the comfortable seats at the middle school. And Parklands School has been updated significantly since the fire.

We are hoping to encourage more members to come aboard and help with teaching. We know that there are a lot of very experienced boaters out there and we are proposing that these people come and teach a chapter for the students. If your strength is in “plotting” or “anchoring” or any other field, there are chapters that could be taught. Apparently Victoria Squadron has about 12 different people come in to teach. The benefits of this sharing situation is, of course, that it takes a lot of prep time away from the regular teachers and it also allows the students to meet more of the members. The students enjoy a variety of teaching styles and it gives us more people to fall back on if someone becomes ill or would like to go away.

At Christmas time I decided I would put in an appearance each week. I felt that the students should meet some of the members who work on the Bridge. The spring course has two Bridge members working as Proctors and so the students see that we are all normal folk striving to meet the needs of the boating public. This year too, I have had extra copies of the Beacon issued to the students. Again, I hope that we can encourage more students to join and become working members of the Squadron.

By now you likely know that the Sidney Floating Boat Show is in Victoria at the government docks by the Customs House. There is much politics surrounding this decision however, our help has been sought and the “call to arms” has been rung. See further information on this page.

If you would like to volunteer to do a bit of teaching, please call me at  704-0325, or or at .

Cdr.  Lesley Head AP

Victoria Floating Boat Show
April 22 — 25, 2004

The British Columbia Yacht Brokers’ Association’s (BCYBA) Floating Boat Show (previously held at the Port of Sidney) will now take place from April 22 to 25, 2004 at the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority’s Wharf Street Floats. Our Squadron has offered to provide security at the gate as was the case when the show was in Sidney. By providing this function our Squadron receives payment, which assists us in subsidizing various Squadron functions such as the Annual Christmas Party. Our Supply Office, Dick Cotton will be organizing volunteer schedules, etc. very soon.

Please consider assisting with this project by volunteering to stand a watch (2 ¼ hours) during the show. Dick may be reached at 385-5223 or e-mail

Calendar of Events

Apr 9-11 Annual Easter Cruise (see agenda below)
Apr 15 Bridge Meeting, SNSYC at 1930 hrs. All are welcome.
Apr 18 District Council Meeting, Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney at 1230 hrs.
Apr 20 VHF course examination
May 3 Squadron Annual General Meeting, SNSYC
May 8 District Annual General Meeting, Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney
May 10 Student Graduation for Winter course
May 20 Bridge Meeting, SNSYC at 1930 hours. All are welcome.


Apr 9 Maple Bay Marina 1-250-746-8482 - reservations
Apr 10/11 Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island 1-800-246-6011 - reservations
Apr 10 Pot-luck dinner


Apr 12 Ganges Marina 1-250-537-5242 - reservations
  Genoa Bay 1-800-572-6481 - reservations

Some boaters will head back Sunday, and others may move on to Ganges Harbour or Genoa Bay. Seven boats are registered at time of printing. Please join us on this early Spring Cruise. Call Gay Miller to register your boat.

Gay Miller - 656-5190

Remember you must make your own reservations at the marinas

MAREP Report
Canadian Hydrographic Services - Spring Boating Class Tour

Power Squadron spring Boating students. I’m sure the students were amazed at the scientific research that goes into making charts and the quickly evolving technology of our Cartographers. We were taken through the various departments where it was explained how charts were made from the start of a hydrographic survey to the finished product that we can purchase from the Chart Sales department. There are literally thousands of current up-to-date charts available that cover our entire coastline. It is an invaluable resource for us, the boating public. We have it and we should make use of it, as we would be at a tremendous loss without it.

From the Charts and Corrections department we were shown how corrections were made and “ironed on”...literally with an iron. It is impossible to describe what we were shown in two hours. Our hosts and guides Dave and Craig gave freely of their time, expertise and knowledge. Truly an outstanding tour.

We all learned a lesson in hydrography that, to those who made the time to attend, I am more than certain came away with a wealth of information that puts charts and charting into a different perspective. From our early hydrographers sounding the seabed of our Pacific Coast with nothing more than an open boat and a lead line we have progressed to today’s high-tech, computer assisted hydrographers sounding the ocean seabed with multi band scanners and sophisticated Ocean Research Vessels. The end result is three-dimensional cartography never dreamed of in the days of open boats and lead lines. “Thanks” go to Allen Schofield, David Prince and all who made this tour possible.






Saanich Peninsula Squadron

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Take Notice that the Annual General Meeting

Saanich Peninsula Squadron

will be held at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, 1949 Marina Way, Sidney, BC on 3 May 2004 at 1900.


(a) receiving and, if thought fit, approving the reports of the Officers of the Squadron

(b) receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Financial Statements of the Squadron for the twelve month period ending March 31, 2003, and the Report of the Squadron Auditor thereon

(c) electing the Officers of the Squadron

(d) appointing the Squadron Auditor

(e) considering such further business as may properly come before the Meeting

The Report of the Squadron Nominating Committee is attached to and forms part of this Notice. Under Squadron Regulation 12.1, any further nominations must be made by way of a petition in writing, signed by not less than 5 Members of this Squadron who shall confirm the consent of the nominee to stand for election. The petition must be filed with the Squadron Secretary not less than 2 days prior to the date of this Meeting.

DATED this……...…….16th…………….day of………………..March, 2004

Kathy McDougall



Lesley Head

Squadron Commander



To: The Members, Saanich Peninsula Squadron:


March 16, 2004

1. The Squadron Nominating Committee nominates the following Members for election as Squadron Officers for 2004/2005:

Commander (Cdr) Lesley Head 704-0325

Executive Officer (Lt/Cdr) Ralph Hodd 652-1715

Training Officer (Lt/Cdr ) Ron Harris 656-8881

Ass’t Training Officer (1st Lt) tba

Secretary (1st Lt ) Kathy McDougall 654-0207

Treasurer (1st Lt) Colin Nicholson 656-5085

Public Relations Officer (1st Lt) Janice Hayward 656-8881

MAREP Officer (1st Lt) Len Burton 656-6450

Membership Officer (1st Lt) Lorri Pelto 656-4462

2. The Squadron Nominating Committee also nominates the following Members for election as Squadron Officers, with the rank of First Lieutenant, who, if elected, will have the duties indicated next to their names assigned to them by the Squadron Executive Committee pursuant to Squadron Regulation 6.2.1 (d).

Supply Officer (1st Lt) Dick Cotton 385-5223

Beacon Editor (1st Lt) Ralph Hodd 652-1715

Communications Officer (1st Lt) Tony Kluge 656-7032

Environmental Officer (1st Lt) George Winn 472-2219

Webmaster (1st Lt) Anne McKinnell 475-0053

Student Cruise Officer (1st Lt) Martin Russell 655-0747

3. The Squadron Nominating Committee also nominates the following Member for appointment by the Members as Auditor of the Squadron:

Ed McNulty 101-135 Gorge Road East

Victoria, B.C. V9A 1L1

598-5654 (Member, Victoria Squadron)

4. The Squadron Nominating Committee advises that, if elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following member(s) with the rank of Lieutenant:

Assistant Training Officer (Lt) tba

ATO – Registrar (Lt) Colin Nicholson 656-5085

Port Captain (Lt) Len Burton 656-6450

Social Cruisemaster (Lt) tba

Archivist (Lt) Ralph Hodd 656-1715

The Squadron Nominating Committee also advises that:

(a) The following Member will serve on the Squadron Executive Committee by virtue of his position as Past Commander, and does not rquire election or appointment.

Ken Clarke 2020 Lands End Road

North Saanich, B.C. V8L 5J2


(b) Persuant to Squadron regulations 9.14.1 the following Members will serve on the Squadron Nominating Committee for 2005/2006 by virtue of their position, and do not require election or appointment

PCdr (the immediate P/Cdr) Chair

P/Cdr (the P/Cdr once removed)

Cdr (the nominee for Cdr)

Respectfully submitted

P/Cdr Ken Clark, Chair Cdr Lesley Head LtCdr Gay Miller




March 1, 2004

To: The Members, Vancouver Island South District.

The District Nominating Committee nominates the following Members for election as District Officers for 2004/2005 :

District Commander: (D/C) Don Lassey (Sooke)

Box 762, 7163 Cedar Brook Place

Sooke, BC V0S 1N0

(250) 642-6504

District Executive Officer: (D/Lt/C) Linda Larsson (Brentwood Bay)

8910 Salish Place

North Saanich, BC V8L 4A5

(250) 656-9921

District Training Officer: (D/Lt/C) Barrie Gilbertson (Victoria)

13 Camden Ave

Victoria, BC, V8Z 1P6

(250) 479-5850

District Administrative Officer: (D/Lt/C) Shirley Hamilton (Victoria)

211 - 490 Marsett Place

Victoria, BC, V8Z 7J1


District Secretary: (D/Lt) Henry Frew (Victoria)

9933 Resthaven Rd.,

Sidney, BC, V8L 3E9


District Treasurer :(D/Lt) Ed McNulty (Victoria)

101 - 135 Gorge Rd East

Victoria, BC, V9A 1L1


District Nominating Committee also nominates the following Members for election as District Officers, with the rank of District Lieutenant, who, if elected, will have the duties indicated next to their names assigned to them by the District Executive Committee pursuant to District Regulation 6.2.1 (a):

Assistant District Training Officer: (D/Lt) Norman Price (Oak Bay)
1468 Cranbrook Place
Victoria, BC, V8P 1Z7
(250) 595-6937

Assistant District Training Officer: (D/Lt) Henry Frew (Victoria)

9933 Resthaven Rd.,

Sidney, BC, V8L 3E9

(250) 655-9331

Youth Education Officer: (D/Lt) Len Fallan (Brentwood Bay)

2012 Skyline Crescent

Saanichton, BC V8M 1M6

(250) 652-5555

Supply Officer: (D/Lt) Pat Moar (Victoria)

521 Paradise St.

Victoria, BC V9A 5E3

(250) 384-8990

MAREP (Hydrographic & Weather) Officer:(D/Lt) Peter Browning (Juan de Fuca)

#14-2670 Sooke River Road

Sooke, BC V0S 1N0

(250) 642-7437

Public Relations Officer:(D/Lt) Myra Simpson (Victoria)

4417 Strom Ness PI

Victoria BC V8Z 6S7

Cell (250)216-6665

Membership Officer: (D/Lt) Harold Page (Victoria)

373 Isabella Point Road,

Saltspring lsland,BC, V8K 1V4

(250) 653-2320

Roster Editor: (D/Lt) Barry Gifford (Sooke)

5731 Siasong Rd

Sooke, BC V0S 1N0

(250) 642-6840

Communications Officer -WEB :(D/Lt) TBA

Environment Officer: (D/Lt) George Winn (Saanich Peninsula)

2775 Tudor Ave.

Victoria, BC V8N 1L6

(250) 472-2219

Canadian Coast Guard Liaison: (D/Lt) Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula)

2020 Lands End Rd

North Saanich, BC, V8L 5J2

(250) 656-9251

Port Captain:(D/Lt) Myra Simpson (Victoria)

4417 Strom Ness PI

Victoria BC V8Z 6S7

Cell (250) 216-6665

The District Nominating Committee also nominates the following Member for appointment by the Members as Auditor of the District:

Howard Platt

105 - 3048 Washington Ave Victoria BC V9A 1 P6

(250) 388-4656

The District Nominating Committee advises that, it elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following Members as staff officers with the rank of Staff Lieutenant:

BoatPro Officer: Lesley Head (Saanich Peninsula)

5704 Wellsview Rd

Victoria, BC, V8Y 1V5

(250) 704-0325

VHF Officer: Barrie Gilbertson (Victoria)

13 Camden Ave

Victoria, BC V8Z 1 P6

(250) 479-5850

Roster Advertising Coordinator George Silvestrini (Oak Bay)

1047 Parkwood Place

Victoria BC V8X 4Z8

(250) 658-4223

Safe Boating Award Coordinator: Lorenda Franklen (Juan De Fuca)

2983 Sooke Rd

Victoria, BC, V9C 3W5

(250) 391-1530

Assistant Supply Officer: Darroll Westover (Victoria)

2002 Carrick St

Victoria, BC V8R 2M6

(250) 592-1995

Historian: Margaret Griffin (Saanich Peninsula)

2421 Twin View Drive

Victoria, BC V8Z 7E9

(250) 544-1487

Telephone Answering Service: Pat Moar (Victoria)

521 Paradise St.

Victoria, BC V9A 5E3

(250) 384-8990

VISD Policy Manual Coordinator : Tibby Solloway (Victoria)

1068 Manley St.

Duncan, BC V9L 5X2

(250) 748-9369

The District Nominating Committee advises that, if elected, the Nominee for Commander intends to appoint the following District Executive Members to secondary duties:

Vancouver Island North Dist. Liaison: D/C Don Lassey (Sooke)

Box 762, 7163 Cedar Brook Place

Sooke, BC V0S 1 N0

(250) 642-6504

PMD Liaison: P/D/C Peter Jennings (Victoria)

4301 Cedar Hill Road

Victoria, BC V8N 3C8

(250) 721-5733

USPS Liaison: P/D/C Peter Jennings (Victoria)

4301 Cedar Hill Road

Victoria, BC V8N 3C8

(250) 721-5733

The District Nominating Committee also advises that:

a. the following Member will serve on the District Executive Committee and the District Council by virtue of his position as immediate Past District Commander, and does not require election or appointment:

P/D/C Peter Jennings (Victoria)

4301 Cedar Hill Road

Victoria, BC V8N 3C8

(250) 721-5733

b. pursuant to District Regulation 9.15.1, the following Members will serve on the District Nominating Committee for 2004/2005 by virtue of their position, and do not require election or appointment:

D/C Don Lassey (Sooke)

P/D/C Peter Jennings (Victoria) – Chairman

P/D/C Ken Clarke (Saanich Peninsula)

Respectfully submitted, (Original signed by those listed below:)

P/D/C Peter Jennings, P/D/C Ken Clarke, D/C Don Lassey,

Chair Member Member

The Saga of Dagan cont'd

by Capt. Lesley M. Head

Day 5 July 26/03

Slack water wasn't until 1000 hours but after a hearty breakfast, hot shower and some socializing we were off the dock at 0930. "Bill" had decided to follow us and stuck to our stern most of the day. There was still some major turbulence in the north end of Seymour Narrows but we had watched a couple of small cruise ships and a tug and tow go through so off we went too. Ian had reworked the linkage again as we had no gears at the dock and now all seemed to be functioning. The squeaky belt was somewhat quieter and we fell into the usual routine. Six Dahl's porpoises lead us through the Narrows and then turned back to escort the next boat. All in a day’s fun for them. By 1400 hours we were passing Courtenay. They were having their annual Air Show and so we got to watch the acrobatics in the air as we glided quietly past. It was a dynamite show!

I decided to book ahead to get a tie-up for the evening and our follower, Bill, wanted to join in so onto the Cell phone which finally had a signal and we booked in at Schooner's Cove, just north of Nanoose Bay. I was most insistent that we get an end dock and I had explained about our unique vessel and that no slip would do. We were promised the end of the first dock inside the breakwall and Bill about half way in on B docks. I also called work. If they had needed me I was going to have to get a cab to Victoria that night, but no, they could do without me so I had another day.

We arrived at about 1830 at the entrance to Schooner Cove. All of a sudden there was black smoke billowing out of the engine room air vents and the engine had taken on a different tone. I quickly radioed Bill to proceed and check out our slip for us , which he did. It was to be about 10 slips down on one dock in a channel less wide than the Dagan is long. No way could we get in or out without a great deal of manoeuvring and at that point in time we thought we may have a fire situation in progress. So we said “Goodbye” to Bill, wished him a safe journey, and headed to Nanaimo where there were more accessible docks – or so we thought!

Nanaimo, at 2030 hours, was in the midst of their Canada Day Celebrations. There must have been over 1000 boaters there cruising around and anchored in the midst of the channel between Newcastle Island and the city. I called the Nanaimo Port Authority and was told that there were no slips, but if I could catch onto the side of a fishing boat on D dock I could stay there for the night. We were not to block the slips in any way as there had to be a fire escape for all the boats. We were still, at that point, not fully aware of what was going on, but we were desperate.

Bilge Rat had gone down to discover that the alternator had seized up and the belt had burnt up and flung itself all over the engine room. At this point we had no charging capabilities and so we needed shore power - for sure - in order to start the next day, as the batteries were not in good shape. We managed to slide into a spot next to a rather long and fat old sailboat. Bilge rat just about took his hand off trying to stop and secure the boat to the sailboat but he managed and I went up to pay for dockage. Up on the promenade there were hundreds of happy celebrating people. It took about twenty minutes to get through the crowds to the Harbour Authority's office. I paid for the spot, at half rate, and then tried to find food. After a while I realized that that was a hopeless task and returned to the boat and warmed up some chili and buttered some bread. We then sat on the back deck and enjoyed our meal and the best fireworks display ever. We had managed to get a spot with a clear view of the fireworks barge , no more than 100 yards away. We had the best seat in town! What a great way to end a sunny calm day. Off to bed amidst the noise of the celebrating - we never heard a thing.

Day 6 July 27/03

Another good nights sleep. We noticed that it was definitely warmer here at night than further north. We started Dagan up in the silence of the morning and backed her out of the docks. For some reason she decided to back straight out, a unique achievement considering that she veers of to port quite sharply with her single engine and right hand screw when in reverse. We motored quietly away and headed to Dodds Narrows to wait for the 0920 slack. Before getting to Dodds Narrows we passed a tug with log boom in tow. I radioed and he responded that he would also be going through the narrows. We saw a boat in the distance at the mouth of Dodds and it was Bill. He had motored down from Schooner Cove and when we decided to go through the narrows early, to avoid the tug, he followed right along. We took photos of each other and he promised to e-mail. He never did. We headed off down the west side of Saltspring Island and arrived at Deep Cove at 1230.

Now some of you may know about the bay. There is a spit of rocks running parallel to the main dock at Deep Cove Marina. At high tide, most pleasure craft can motor over the most northerly part of the rocks but at low tide lots of the residents there have grounded on the rocks. I phoned the marina owner and asked him if our course toward the docks was safe. He agreed and I rang off. About two minutes later and maybe 30 feet from the dock, Dagan came to a sudden crunching halt. Guess where we were! I couldn't believe that after 525 nautical miles we hit a rock so close to Dagan's new home.

The marina owner came out in his little skiff shortly to let us know that he had added a bit to his response to me but by that time I had hung up. Everyone in the bay came out to look. I guess we had made quite the noise. Some of the locals came out to give us some encouraging words. Seems all of them had gone aground on this rock at one time or another. I asked them to take some pictures with our little camera. A good chuckle was had by all. About twenty minutes later she floated off and we headed for the dock. Unfortunately the shift didn't work and we hit the dock rather heavily. Several people helped us to continue turning Dagan around on the dock and we tied her up and shut her down. Home at last!



The Boating course students gave a unanimous vote of thanks to all skippers and proctors involved in their Student Cruise. Sunday, March 7, was a very educational and satisfying experience for them. Their enthusiasm was evident at Otter Bay and again in the classroom on Tuesday evening. The Boating course instructors and proctors join the students in expressing their appreciation.


John Smith was the only Protestant to move into a large Catholic neighborhood. On the first Friday of Lent, John was outside grilling a big juicy steak on his grill. Meanwhile, all of his neighbors were eating cold tuna fish for supper. This went on each Friday of Lent. On the last Friday of Lent, the neighborhood men got together and decided that something had to be done about John, he was tempting them to eat meat each Friday of Lent, and they couldn't take it anymore.

They decided to try and convert John to be a Catholic. They went over and talked to him and were so happy that he decided to join his neighbors and become a Catholic. They took him to Church, and the Priest sprinkled some water over him, and said, "You were born a Baptist, you were raised a Baptist, and now you are a Catholic."

The men were so relieved. Now their biggest Lenten temptation was resolved. The next year's Lenten season rolled around. The first Friday of Lent came, and just at supper time, when the neighborhood was setting down to their tuna fish dinner, came the wafting smell of steak cooking on a grill. The neighborhood men could not believe their noses! WHAT WAS GOING ON? They called each other up and decided to meet over in John's yard to see if he had forgotten it was the first Friday of Lent?

The group arrived just in time to see John standing over his grill with a small pitcher of water. He was sprinkling some water over his steak on the grill, saying, "You were born a cow, you were raised a cow, and now you are a fish."


WANTED:   C-Map Cartridges

G 245.00 Cape Scott to Cape Cook, G 246.00 Cape Cook to Esperanza Inlet, G 247.00 Nootka Sound, G 248.00 Clayoquot Sound to Tofino


Charts West Coast Vancouver Island

NO: 3549 3603 3606 3623 3624 3646 3651 3670 3671 3673 3674 3675 3676 3679 3680 3681 3682 3683 3685 3686

Please contact Vic Burstall 250-727-7345 or e-mail

WANTED: 150' - 250' Anchor Chain 1/4" (G-4).

Please contact Dick Cotton at 385-5223 or e-mail

FOR SALE: 24 ft sail boat - $3,500

Easy to sail, Honda outboard, all rigging. Looks good, needs some finishing inside.

E-mail or call 656-5717

FOR SALE: Sailboat

Cal 20 sloop. Hull, rigging and sails in good condition.
9.9 hp Johnston longshaft outboard. Ready to sail.
$3750 obo.

Please call Tony Kluge at 656-7032 or e-mail

FOR SALE: Hand held GPS Lowrance 100 Global Map 12

channel receiver $169.00 (new $289). Terry McFall 655-7035.

FOR SALE: 60 feet of anchor chain 5/16 - $60.00.

Please contact Mary Hunter at 658-8715

FOR SALE: 9' lap strake style fiberglass dingy - $300.00

Good condition, dark green in colour, rows beautifully.

FOR SALE: Smart Alternator Regulator By Cruising Equipment Inc. - $300.00

Like new condition. Complete with installation instructions and operating manual.

Please contact Ted Meadley at 656-1082 or e-mail

FOR SALE: 10 ft dingy inflatable with paddles and pump - $750.00 obo

Red colour, in very good condition. Contact Peter Richardson at 727-0995

or e-mail

Please advise if you want to PLACE an ad.  Please also advise editor if you want to DISCONTINUE an ad.