In March and October every year we have a special training cruise for the new students on the Boating Course.  These cruises incorporate navigation, as well as other aspects of safe boating.  Following the lunch break, the Student Cruise Captain arranges for a number of demonstrations, one of which is fighting fires on boats.

Each year we look to Squadron members for help in gathering sufficient fire extinguishers.  If you have extinguishers that need recharging anyway that you could loan us, please contact the Student Cruise Captain, Martin Russell, at 652-5543 or and let him know.


You may be wondering what happened to our call for flares.  The Coast Guard has advised us that the firing of flares for any purpose other than emergency distress is no longer acceptable – in fact doing so would contravene both the Criminal Code and the Shipping Act.  So, regretfully, we are having to give up on that demonstration.  There is hope that the manufacturers of flares can be convinced to produce “white” flares in greater volume and at reasonable cost in the future, and that we will be able to then resume this very useful demonstration.

February, 2002