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Membership:              The candidate must be a current member of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron, CPS.


Qualifications:            The candidate must be a graduate of the Boating Course, or must have successfully challenged the Boating Course Exam.


                                    The candidate must have participated as a Proctor in a recent Boating Course so as to be familiar with the course material currently being taught.


The candidate must have practical boating experience.


Procedure:                  The candidate shall either have completed the CPS Instructional Techniques Course

and satisfactorily demonstrated teaching proficiency to the Chief Instructor, or, under the guidance of the Chief Instructor, shall prepare and present a minimum of two Boating Course Lectures. In the latter case, the Chief Instructor shall review the candidate’s lesson plans and intended training aids before each lecture, and shall provide the candidate with a detailed constructive critique upon completion of each lecture.


Proficiency:                In either of the circumstances described above, the candidate shall demonstrate:


a) a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter;

b) a clear, audible teaching voice;

c) an enthusiastic attitude; and

d) the ability to prepare and teach from detailed teaching notes.

    (rather than teach from the Student Notes).


Recommendation       A candidate satisfactorily meeting the above criteria shall be recommended

& Approval:                by the Chief Instructor to the Training Officer and to the Commander

who may approve the successful candidate as a Boating Course Instructor.


The Training Department shall keep a current record of approved Boating Course Instructors.


In the event that a candidate following the above qualifying procedure fails to win the endorsement of the Chief Instructor, the latter shall provide the candidate, Training Officer and Commander with a detailed report of the circumstances.


With the approval of the Chief Instructor, Training Officer and  Commander, an unsuccessful candidate may try again by repeating the qualifying procedure at a later date.


Instructing:                 Whenever possible, a Boating Course will be co-taught by two Instructors. In order

 to gain experience in a “supervised” environment, a newly qualified Instructor will normally be teamed with an experienced Instructor for the purposes of teaching a Boating Course.


Miscellaneous:            This protocol is intended to be sufficiently flexible to:


a)      ensure the provision of good quality instruction to Boating Course students; and

b)      recognize that a new Instructor will start with an acceptable level of expertise and build on teaching strength and confidence with time and experience.


An Instructional Techniques Course will normally be recommended for all potential Instructors, particularly where a   weakness has been observed.




Approved:                   _____________________                        Date:      ________________

                                     K.J. Reeves, Commander





Document Date:    18 January, 2001

Squadron OPI:      Chief Instructor        Back












OBJECTIVE:            The objective of having Proctors to assist the Instructor during the Boating Course is to provide

                                    small groups of students with “value-added” personal  “hands-on” mentoring for the duration

                                    of the course.


SELECTION:            At a minimum, a Proctor shall be a graduate of the Boating Course and a member of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron. Recent Boating Course graduates are encouraged.  Enthusiasm to assist students is a must.


PROCEDURES:      a)   The Chief Proctor shall issue course manuals, homework books with answers, and a training

chart to Proctors. The same shall be returned to the Chief Proctor at the end of the course;


b)      Before each instruction night, Proctors shall pre-read each Section to be taught, and in sufficient time to be able to provide telephone assistance to students as required before the lectures; 


c)      To provide maximum support to students in marking homework, Proctors shall be thoroughly familiar with homework exercises. In marking student homework, Proctors shall mark incorrect answers by “writing in” the complete calculation or explanation of the correct answer, a diagram indicating the point in question, or reference to the Section and Article in the Student Notes ;


d)  Proctors are expected to be pro-active and shall be prepared to discuss all homework with their   respective students on class nights. They shall refer students to the Instructor for further assistance if necessary;


e) The senior Proctor in attendance shall advise the Instructor of any homework questions that caused problems to a significant number of students; and


f)  Proctors shall monitor the progress of their students and shall advise the Instructor of any student not making sufficient effort or having significant difficulty with the course.


                                    For Approval by the Bridge at its meeting of Thursday, 17 Jan, 2002





                                     ____________________                             Date:      ________________

                                          Diana McBratney,





Document Date:    17 January, 2002

Squadron OPI:      Chief Instructor         Back
















Student Cruise Captain to:


-          Determine Student Cruise date from Training Officer.


-          Book Student Cruise with Otter Bay Marina: Chuck Spence (250) 629-3579. ***


-          As a courtesy, notify Pender Island CPS Squadron (Commander and Port Captain(s)) of cruise visit in case they wish to attend demonstrations.


-          Arrange with North Pender Island Volunteer Fire Dept. (North Pender Island Fire Protection Society ((250)  629-3325) for fire-extinguisher demonstration at Otter Bay Marina. ***


-         Assign a Squadron member responsibility for the practical fire extinguisher demonstration at Otter Bay. Arrange with Sidney Fire Equipment Sales & Service Ltd. (656-3473) to provide partly expended fire extinguishers. Assign Squadron member responsibility to pick up, bring and return fire extinguishers. Ask the Editor of The Beacon to publish a note in the February and October editions, soliciting contributions of fire extinguishers in need of recharging. Also ask Squadron Communications Officer to conduct a telephone/email solicitation in mid-February and mid-October for fire extinguisher contributions.


-         Arrange for practical docking/undocking demonstration at Otter Bay by a participating skipper.


-         Arrange for practical anchoring demonstration at Otter Bay by a participating skipper.


-         Arrange with Unit 36, Coast Guard Auxiliary (Saanich Peninsula Marine Rescue Society) to have “Rescue Boat” visit Otter Bay during the lunch hour for a short briefing: Gary Blake (H) 656-8008, (O) 656-3025***


-     Notify following BC Ferries authorities of date/time/location of student cruise:


·        Marine Supt. Swartz Bay:  Captain Mike Gray  (655-6182)

email: mike.gray@bcferries.com 


·        Marine Supt. Gulf Islands: Captain Trafford Taylor ((250) 653-4245) (Fulford Harbour)

      email: trafford.taylor@bcferries.com 


*** Donation by cheque normally provided in gratitude





Student Cruise Captain to:


-          Determine from Training Officer the number of students participating (classroom staff to take names/phone numbers 3 weeks before cruise and pass to Training Officer).


-          Determine number of Squadron vessels required for cruise (based on vessel capacity,

normally 2 or 3 students per vessel).


-          Determine availability of vessels for cruise.


-         Determine availability of proctors and assign to each vessel (normally 1 Proctor for every 2 or 3 students).


-         Assign students to participating vessels.


-          Prepare for each vessel a list of names of skipper, proctor and assigned students (c/w phone numbers, vessel name, marina location and berth). This info to be provided to each participant on each vessel at the pre-cruise briefing night. Try to keep families together to simplify logistics of transport to/from vessels.





-         In general purpose room, Parkland  Secondary School, on Tuesday evening

preceding Student Cruise. Evening commences at 1900. Skippers, proctors and students to attend.


-         Training Department to issue each student with a copy of the Student Cruise Instructions and a Chart. Each first-time skipper and proctor will also be issued a copy of the Cruise Instructions and a Chart for use on this and subsequent Student Cruises. The Training Department will maintain a record of this latter issue.


-         Student Cruise Captain to start evening with very brief introduction. Advise students to be at vessels on time and to promptly notify skipper and proctor if for any reason they are unable to take part in cruise. Advise method of delaying or canceling cruise in event of bad weather. Provide instructions for skippers to check-in with Cruise Captain to confirm vessels are underway with students embarked. Include designated time and VHF channel for check-in.


-         Student Cruise Captain to conduct draw to award donated gifts to vessel skippers.


-    Student Cruise Captain to call out names of participating vessels and students assigned to each vessel. Students to

      have short meeting with respective skippers and  proctors to discuss vessel location, cruising speed and departure time

       for Student Cruise.


-         Designated instructor to present Student Cruise Overview  to skippers, proctors and students. This presentation to start no later than 1930. Skippers & proctors will normally be given an additional short separate briefing in one of the classrooms prior to leaving for the evening.


-         Coffee break.


-         Designated instructor to present Anchors & Anchoring lecture  (Boating Course – Section 22) to students.





Student Cruise Captain to:


-         Monitor weather conditions and determine whether or not cruise can proceed as

      scheduled. Advise skippers and proctors if cruise must be delayed or cancelled due to

      weather. They in turn will advise students.


-         Reassign students to other vessels as necessary to take into account vessel breakdowns or student cancellations.


-         Conduct radio check-in with participating vessels to confirm vessel departures with

assigned students.


-         Proceed to Otter Bay Marina in advance of training vessels and provide berthing

instructions to arriving vessels by VHF radio.


-         Coordinate conduct of lunch hour demonstrations at Otter Bay Marina.


-         Make any adjustments to return portion of cruise as may be required by changing weather conditions.




Approved by the Bridge at its meeting of Thursday, 21 February, 2002





       ___________________                                              Date:   _________________

           Diana McBratney,





Document Date:      18 February, 2002

Squadron OPI:        Chief Instructor         Back













OBJECTIVE:             The objective of having Proctors for the student cruise is to provide the students assigned to a particular vessel with the guidance and direction of a personal, qualified “hands on” mentor before and during the cruise.


SELECTION:            At a minimum, a Proctor shall be a graduate of the Boating Course and a member of the Saanich Peninsula Squadron. Proctors shall be knowledgeable boaters, thoroughly familiar with currently taught Boating Course navigation and boating skills. Enthusiasm to assist students is a must. The Training Department shall maintain a list of qualified Student Cruise Proctors.


PROCEDURES:        a)   Proctors shall be issued with a copy of the student cruise and the  associated chart

      if their own copies are not current;


b)       Proctors shall attend the Student Cruise brief  with their assigned skipper and students;


c)       In order to ensure they are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the cruise, Proctors shall complete all pre-cruise preparation in the same manner as the students, and shall bring all relevant material with them for the cruise. Completed cruise preparation material and cruise chart should be retained by Proctors for future cruises;


d)       During the cruise, Proctors shall closely monitor all work done by the students and shall render whatever assistance is necessary to assist the students in completing a productive and satisfactory cruise;


e)       Proctors shall ensure that their students keep their vessel skipper advised of the progress of the cruise, and shall ensure the skipper is made aware of any problems with student navigation which may hazard the vessel; and


f)         Proctors shall advise the Training Officer and Course Instructor of any significant problems experienced by students during the cruise, and of any recommendations for improving the cruise. 


                                     Approved by the Bridge at its meeting of Thursday, 17 January, 2002





     (signed)                                                               17 January, 2002

                                     ____________________                             Date:      ________________

                                          Diana McBratney,





Document Date:    17 January, 2002

Squadron OPI:      Chief Instructor        Back










The following policy was approved at a meeting of the Bridge on 17 May 2001:


That inasmuch as the CPS Operations Manual specifies that all applications for Squadron membership must be approved by the Squadron Executive Committee,


And inasmuch as the staff of National HQ have advised us that they do not seek permission of the Squadron before assigning membership in the Squadron to individuals who apply through National HQ directly, and neither do they seek permission of the Squadron before transferring current members of other squadrons to this Squadron,


Be it moved that:


Saanich Peninsula Squadron authorise the Squadron Membership Officer to approve any application for membership to the Squadron, and to accept all memberships as assigned by National HQ, until further notice from the Executive, and that in assigning this responsibility, the Squadron Executive considers that the Squadron Membership Officer will exercise prudent judgment regarding the necessity for consultation with the Executive in special cases.